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Sound of iTunes – Week of October

Here we have the top iTunes download of the week! We got a chock full of great stuff for ya. Come and check it out! Continue reading

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Impatience is a Virtue | Week of September 26

Hey y’all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s a new week. A fresh start. We hope we can help kick it off by maximizing your video experience with streaming that will leave you saying. Man! Impatience is sooo overrated! … Continue reading

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#SPEEDtip: Buffering, not so Funny

Showing is often better than telling and in this blog post, we’ll highlight the different kinds of acceleration SPEEDbit uses and we’ll give you a preview of a hilarious SNL clip that will show you why buffering and slow videos are NOT something to smile about. Continue reading

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Impatience is a Virtue | Week of September 20

Watch Americano Clipsync with SPEEDbit Video AcceleratorHey SPEEDbit gang. Your wait. Don’t you hate it? Wait no more with SPEEDbit’s Video Accelerator. Continue reading

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