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SPEEDbit’s SPEEDtips is a new feature that aims tohelp you get the most of your SPEEDbit video watching, file download experience. Squeeze the most out of your your video watching and downloading experience by following SPEEDtips. It will give you a whole new meaning to the word SPEED.

Video Accelerator Goes Mobile! See the Results for Yourself

Companies offering video accelerator technology might seem like they’re selling you something you don’t really need. This is especially so in terms of mobile communications. After all, mobile phones are hot gadgets, they’re ultra modern and brimming with the latest … Continue reading

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The Untouchables Download Hit List | Week of December 7th

See what’s hot in file downloading without even searching. Just check out our list of untouchables from the hottest sites and happy downloading!! Continue reading

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Hey Internet. Why So Slow?

Hey SPEEDbit gang. You guys all know about the challenges that the Internet presents. That’s why you have SPEEDbit. SPEEDbit strives to solve Internet sluggishness by cutting out the slowness of it all. Our patented, multi-channel technology accelerates your Internet experience. SPEEDbit is a prime answer to why the Internet is so slow. So, when someone asks you, you know what to say. Eh?:) Continue reading

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#SPEEDtip: DAP Basket

SPEEDbit’s innovative download basket makes drag and drop downloading a cinch! Just drag, drop and watch your file downloads accelerate to the max! Click here to see how easy it is! Continue reading

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#SPEEDtips: HD To Go

Who said you can’t watch smooth videos on the go. Don’t feel hopeless any longer! With SPEEDbit HD, go where you want, when you want and watch High Definition videos. Anywhere. Come see how! Continue reading

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#SPEEDtips: Yes, Secure!

DAP Multi Anti-Virus feature gives you the power to stop malicious files infecting your system,by analyzing files with the top anti-virus programs. See SPEEDbit secure your Internet life. Continue reading

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#SPEEDtips: Keeping Track

So many files. So little time. Keep track of the files finished downloading, are still downloading, ones that are hanging, pausing all from one screen. Click to see and get organized. Continue reading

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