Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - @ainiesam27 and @Rjennings333

From time to time on Friday’s we’ll host SPEEDbit friends to discuss the important things in life. This Friday we have two special guests, really special! Two of SPEEDbit users: @ainiesam27 and @Rjennings333.

Like all our guests we asked @ainiesam and @rjennings six questions to which they responded to with revealing answers that will make you think and Who knows? You might ask yourselves the same questions

We think you’ll find their answers interesting. Have a great Friday.

@RJennings333 I’m an aspiring poet & writer living in New York City. Topics I write about vary from politics to health to underground music. I believe in taking control of my life and charting its course to what best aligns my passions. My believe in taking control of my own health supports that too – along with not letting commercial radio tell me what’s hot in music. I think its most rewarding & liberating thinking outside of the box. How did you became a SPEEDbit user? When I went to purchase software online it recommended using DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) for faster downloading of all its PDF files & videos. Upon getting DAP, I found out about SPEEDbit Video Accelerator. I purchased SPEEDbit for faster video & iTunes downloads (which really helps for larger files). From there, I probably saw SPEEDbit Twitter & Facebook links and decided to follow/like those pages. Hope this clarifies things.

@ainiesam27 I’m 20 but going to be 21 soon in October. I’m a college student, taking up nursing and I’m on my last semester and will soon graduate by November. I’m the fifth child among eight siblings. I never had a boyfriend nor flings ever but I’m greatly fine with that because I love being single and enjoys it to the fullest. I love music but it’s mostly instrumental, New Age but I still like listening to the usual R&B, Pop, Mellow & Blues. Also I love movies. How did you became a SPEEDbit user? Well, that is thanks to my little brother. One time when I borrowed my brother’s PC and watch some videos in YouTube, I noticed that the video is buffering fast and that’s when I realized that my brother is using the SPEEDbit Video Accelerator, he actually introduced me to it. Since then I’ve been using it too and recommended it to some of my friends whose having the same problem with video buffering and that’s when you found me in twitter. So that’s pretty much the story.

1. What are your favorite types of videos to stream?
Music, Science fiction/Fantasy, and Educational
Well, it’s definitely Movie trailers and Music Videos for me.
2.What is your favorite fast song to belt out when dancing?
Nicola Conte’s Love From The Sun feat. Nailah Porter & José James) Listen to it
I hate to admit this but it’s ‘Mambo Number 5′. I don’t even know if it’s that fast but it’s the only fast song I really did sang and dance with. Listen to it
3. What is the one thing you’d like to speed up in your life?
My evolution – the realization of who I am and learning why I’m here to contribute.
I hope it’s October already, this semester is gonna be more stressful than my previous semesters. I just want to fast-forward it to my graduation.
4.What most irritates you when you have to wait?
Not knowing how long the wait will be and why the wait is necessary.
Standing in a line. I hate it the most. I mean I couldn’t stand ‘standing’ too much though sitting would be much more fine.
5. What are your top three websites you can’t live without
1. Google (including Gmail & YouTube)
2. Twitter
3. Facebook
1. Gmail
2. Wattpad
3. YouTube
6 .What happened this past week that you are most thankful for?
1st op-ed that I typed on my Phone was published on the Exceptional Radio Network. I read my written piece on NY State legalizing gay marriage on his show.
It’s my cat’s first birthday so I’m glad that many people greeted me for that (who wouldn’t be, his the best cat in world *for me of course* and I totally love my cat).

What happened to YOU this past week, you’re most THANKFUL for?

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  1. Mikey says:

    I Got Married!!!!!

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