Impatience Is a Virtue l Week of July 11th

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Two hundred thirty million on the planet can’t be wrong! SPEEDbit users love videos and hate buffering. Our SPEEDbit Video Accelerator makes watching videos an enjoyable experience, accelerating videos so there’s no loading time and no pesky wait.

These YouTube videos below were accelerated and are currently trending in our SPEEDbit community. We have some new favorites and some totally trending clips! These aren’t your run of the mill videos. We’ve included everything from a skateboarding spray painters to darling daddy tips! Look for cuteness factor accelerated (a daddy/daughter duo sing a well-known cover) and thoughts on what Gaga’s boots really mean to fashion lovers everywhere! They’re the kind you MUST pass along to your friends and share with your followers on Facebook and SPEEDbit. We certainly are!

Watch these and make sure to turn on your SPEEDbit Video Accelerator for the full effect!

The Coveted

Where did she get her hands on those? The Coveted fashion blogger Jennine Tam has scored herself a pair of Gaga boots—the same kind of shoes that Lady Gaga wore in music videos and fashion awards galas. Can Jennine strut her stuff on the streets of New York?

Dad Labs


TRENDING NOW: Benjamin Franklin and George Washington have come back to life—and are helping dads? What do the founding fathers REALLY think of this new dad and how he takes care of his child.

Real Changers

TRENDING NOW: Jorge Narvaez takes his tiny little daughter Alexa along for the ride as the two sing a cover by The Magnetic Zeroes. We’re pretty sure the sweet child outshines her daddy!


You might remember Dia as the quiet wonder who sang a sweet rendition of Kanye West’s Heartless that she came up with herself on the hit NBC show The Voice. Here’s Dia once again with her sister Meg singing one of their originals.

D Face Ridiculous Pool Paint Attack

What do you get when you combine a couple of skateboarders, some spray paint, and the inside of a pool. You’ll have to watch and find out!


She may be known for her incredible voice and her interesting interactions with her audience, but did you know that Christina Grimmie, who calls herself ZeldaXLove64, is the 11th most subscribed artist on YouTube? Here’s an update from the silly songstress.

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One Response to Impatience Is a Virtue l Week of July 11th

  1. Sol says:

    Such talent…makes me wanna learn an instrument, like now.

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