You Show Us Your Best Stuff!

In a world where sometimes you don’t have an Internet connection could you believe it? Watching HD videos is still possible! We wanted to celebrate the addition of our new APP to the SPEEDbit family of products with the little video we created above. For additional information CLICK HERE

We’re gonna mark this special occasion by celebrating YOU, our users in this SPEEDbit YouTube roundup of our favorite videos created by ..You guessed it…YOU! Our users. So here we go. In this roundup, we present user videos for: SPEEDbit Video Accelerator, Download Accelerator Plus, SPEEDbit HD APP and a whole lotta love. Enjoy!

Now You Show Us Your Story

App SPEEDbit HD by eMikein

Here eMikein shows you the quality SPEEDbit HD for the iPhone/iPad brings into your On the Go video lifestyle. eMikein proves there is no other way to show it than by SHOWING it. The video even shows you how easy it is to download videos and watch them later. Even with no internet connection. Way to go eMikein! Thanks!

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator by TTKChristo

TTKChristo cuts to the chase and provides examples of how SPEEDbit Video Accelerator speeds up videos and eliminates buffering on this YouTube Video. He calls it a cool tool. We think you’re cool too!

Free App Fridays #3 SPEEDbit by Chan4xan

See Chan4xan talking about the coolness of SPEEDbit HD with regards to speeding up videos and the ability to save videos and watch them later. Even offline. SPEEDbit is featured at 1:35 mark. Thanks for the cool review.

DAP by airplaneboy101

In this video, Airplaneboy101 shows you how to experience the SPEED with DAP by downloading his favorite videos and games. We loved the ending “Get DAP today and experience it yourself”. Much appreciated Airplaneboy!

Best Way To Download Faster by pervinyabut

Using great visuals and awesome guitar licks, Pervinyabut shows you how to install DAP and reap the benefits of High Acceleration when downloading your favorite games, videos, and movies. Thanks Pervinyabut for showing us all how easy it is!!

Thank you everyone! Drop us a line telling us what will help you. What should be our next usability video? Suggestions about DAP 9.7 new features? Facebook video Acceleration?
We want to hear from you. Drop us a line or write a comment below.

What do YOU want? We can’t wait to hear!

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10 Responses to You Show Us Your Best Stuff!

  1. Indra Rai says:

    I like to use DAP in my Mac. But one of my friend said DAP is not Compatible for Mac. Do you have any idia…?

  2. SPEEDbit says:

    DAP works with all latest browser version on a window operating system for

  3. sara says:

    Sweet, I’m so downloading that Charise video for my iphone-love her songs!

  4. Keyla says:

    This information is off the hizool!

  5. Satch says:

    Hey, you’re the goto expert. Thanks for hanging out here.

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