Hey Internet. Why So Slow?

You guys all know about the challenges that the Internet presents. That’s why you have SPEEDbit. SPEEDbit strives to solve Internet sluggishness by cutting out the slowness of it all. Our patented, multi-channel technology accelerates your Internet experience. SPEEDbit is a prime answer to why the Internet is so slow. So, when someone asks you, you know what to say. Eh?:)

SPEEDbit - solves Internet sluggishness

Pssst. Pass it on. Here are two of the problems we solves.

(1) The amount of time it takes to download.

(2) The amount of buffering and waiting when watching videos.

But why is this happening? Here’s some of the lowdown for this slowness:

  • The TCP/IP protocol that was around when the Internet first dawned on the world is a great protocol but is not efficient when it comes to data delivery, making your file download and video watching experience slow.
  • Servers that can not handle the bandwidth that video requires (And believe us. There are a lot of them out there) add to the congestion as there are so many requests for files. Some of them quite large. This also is a reason for the slowness.
  • Internet Service Providers try (and succeed) in selling you high speed connections that do not bring you any increase in speed. The ISPs cannot control the way the Internet was built. So, while you think your connection speed is faster. It really. Is not.
  • Applications that are video intensive and utilize bandwidth on a user’s machine are also a factor in Internet slowness.

So, above are 4 reasons why the Internet slows us down when we want to move fast! SPEEDbit sits on top of this old technology and uses different channels to alleviate this slowness. Like a traffic cop that works exclusively for SPEEDbit, he/she (Depending in their BUSY schedules:) finds the best possible path to the servers that are available.

Kinda like a yellow brick road to unleashing SPEED. Directing traffic. With SPEEDbit technology you will see (If you haven’t already) why Patience is indeed…Overrated..

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