My Favorite Downloads By Shane Peterman

My Favorite Downloads By Shane Peterman

We are excited to have Shane Peterman from talk about his favorite downloads and some of the other fun things in life. Below is the scoop on our conversation. He shares his recent downloads and some other secret goodies. Don’t tell anyone:) Just kidding! Check out Shane downloads delights.

What are your top five favorite downloads of all time?
Audiogalaxy: Any application that gives me the ability to stream my entire music library to my phone (or anywhere else, for that matter), is a winner in my book.
180? South: An incredible travel documentary that I watch way too often for my own good.
Pandora: Great for road trips and finding out about new music.
Go Further: Another really great travel doc, featuring Woody Harrelson and some friends traveling down the PCH on bikes and in a bio-diesel powered bus.
Fade to Bluegrass: Bluegrass covers of Metallica songs? Awesome!
Spotify gives you the power to listen to the music you love. Instantaneously via streaming. Whether you are searching for music that matches the kind you love or for exact popular artists.
Please finish these sentences:
The most recent software I’ve downloaded is Spotify because I’m kind of a music junkie and I wanted to see for myself if it lived up to all the hype..
All you vegetarians out there know that eating out can be quite a chore. Finding a place, finding a seat. Getting there. Well. No more. VegOut simplifies your life by giving you access to the world’s most extensive international listing of vegetarian, vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants on the planet. Right there at your finger tips. You can search based on your exact location or you can customize according to your wishes. It’s an app for the vegetarian who is always on the lookout for a quality place to eat.
Upon loading the VegOut app, it will try to use your current location. Not all locations are automatically recognized it seems, so if
Do you still like it now? If so, please finish this sentence.
I like it because it gives you instant access to the music you most enjoy. So far though, I still prefer Audiogalaxy. Spotify is cool, but if you have a huge music library that you can’t stream, it doesn’t really seem worth it to me.
Please finish this sentence. The software I benefit from most is…
A program called Make JPEG. Easily converts files to JPEG, which saves me from having to harass our photographers who are already super busy.
Name one app that you’ve recently downloaded and now can’t bare to live without.
An app that has made my life simpler when it comes to finding vegetarian food wherever is VegOut. It’s an amazing little app.
What’s the best movie you saw this week?
A documentary called Dive! The film is all about dumpster diving and the huge amounts of food we waste. Pretty eye opening stuff. Everyone should see it. Click Here to Download
What is the best part about being a geek? What are the misconceptions?
The best part, to me, is the inner desire to stay educated on what you’re passionate about, and to build off of that. Having the interest level to find out everything you can, and potentially create something new as a result, is amazing to me. We’re a community of makers and doers, rather than just blindly handing out what’s handed to us (well, most of the time). I think the biggest misconception is that all geeks still sort of fit the “Revenge of the Nerds” stereotype of being socially awkward recluses, which is far from true.

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