#SPEEDtips: Keeping Track

It took a while but you decided to just DO IT. You decided to download all the best movies of the year. Black Swan, The King’s Speech, Toy Story 3, Inception. What else? You’ll come up with more. We’re sure of it!

We’re also sure of this. Our SPEEDbit Accelerator Technology is gonna make watching all of it a breeze. Not only will you get to watch all your movies with no buffering or nagging wait time, you’ll be able to download them all at once, cutting your download time in half.

But, just like the pros. There are also the cons. Some of the files are downloading faster than the others. One is finished and 3 are still downloading. Wait. Another one just finished. And another is hanging. Oh No!! How do you keep track? Where are those completed files? HELP!

SPEEDbit | Keeping Track

File Cabinets By waferboard

Not to worry. DAP, Version 8 and above is here and makes your downloading dilemma a thing of the past. By managing your downloads, DAP keeps it all organized by separating the download list as it is happening. So, you don’t have to sit there and wait. And sweat. We know what that’s like and we’d don’t like it either. Go make a sandwich. Watch your favorite soap opera. Take the dog for a walk. Think of something.

SPEEDbit Download Accelerator Plus

Our Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) client makes it easy by presenting you with two tabs. One for completed downloaded files. And one for files that are currently downloading. Not only that. DAP allows you to arrange the files in the order you want, so you can preview them before they complete. You can also customize the filter to show the files that are downloading and the files that are completed. For example, you can put the ones that complete at the bottom of the pane and the ones still downloading on top. See? Ain’t that easier? We thought so :)   Keeping Track.

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2 Responses to #SPEEDtips: Keeping Track

  1. Rachel says:

    That would make for a great movie marathon. :)

  2. Nephi says:

    Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

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