#SPEEDtips: Yes, Secure!

They say it’s a dog’s life. What about us?! What is it with all this wait time when downloading. Why can’t we be the ones with our sunglasses on and smiling? The dog knows Patience is overrated. Why don’t we? Wait. We can.

Most of you already know about SPEEDbit’s Download Accelerator offering. You need to download something. Now. FAST. How’ fast? How about like 400% faster?

SPEEDtips: Yes, Security!

Fast, faster, faster! By net_efekt

Today we’d like to introduce you to a not-so-familiar feature of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP). That is DAP Multi Anti-Virus Analysis. By using this feature you can get alternate opinions. Like from a doctor let’s say. The utility allows for you to find out exactly what is up with that file you’re downloading regarding viruses. From multiple anti-virus applications. A summary will be presented to you with the different results and empower you to make the decision if you want to toss the file. This way you are given an increased level of protection by detecting malicious threats by seeing the results from multiple sources. And alerting you as to whether it’s a Trusted, Potentially Unwanted, or High Risk file. Save time. Protect yourself! And maybe one day you can be wearing the sunglasses and smiling:)

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3 Responses to #SPEEDtips: Yes, Secure!

  1. Star603 says:

    I’m a fan of the DAP but I really didn’t know about this Multi Anti-Virus thing, so thanks for introducing it. I know most people are really worried about viruses and harmful computer adware, so it makes really makes sense to have it.

  2. will says:

    Thanks, I will check this out. What is that picture of exactly? (Aside from something super fast?)

  3. Brenley says:

    Okay I’m convinced. Let’s put it to atocin.

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