#SPEEDtips: HD To Go

You want videos on the go. You know you do. Admit it.
You want them on your wireless device. And you want them. NOW!  Well, we heard your cry and we answered it.

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YouTube, MEGAUPLOAD, and over 160 video sites out there. Tired of buffering, video hiccuping? Tired of waiting? Well, so are we. That’s why we did something about it. Our patented multi-channel technology returns in our new FREE App that eliminates all that so you wait less.

Enjoy more.

It’ll even keep you up to date on all the coolest videos out there. The App intuitively searches the web for the quickest connections and downloads from there. But wait. It does this through a few different channels. Simultaneously. So the video is delivered to your screen from the quickest and most reliable sources with no buffering, so you don’t need to wait. It’s annoying. What else? Oh yeah. You can download the videos as you’re watching them, so you can watch them offline. And we did mentioned it’s FREE. But, it doesn’t hurt to mention it again. Find out why patience is overrated. Get it now (here)

Now, you can watch videos on the go. So, you don’t have to be restricted to a specific place to watch. SPEEDbit’s HD app for the iPhone and iPad takes you to video watching heaven with no buffering or hiccups. Wherever you are. Whenever. You can even save videos while you watch for viewing later. Even when offline. At the touch of your finger with SPEEDbit HD.

Three reason’s why you need SPEEDbit HD:

1. SPEEDbit’s mobile HD acceleration app is the only app that empowers you to accelerate videos on the go. So you don’t have to sit or stand still. Our patented multi-channel technology streams videos from the quickest sites and delivers them with unparalleled high quality to your iPhone and iPad screens. No more Frustration! Get Your Free App Here.

2. Want to watch your favorite HD, that’s right High Definition YouTube videos on the go? Then our app is it. Literally. SPEEDbit’s HD is the only mobile app that allows you to enjoy accelerated High Definition YouTube apps on the go!

3. Save your favorite videos while watching them with the SPEEDbit HD app. See them on your screen. Select the one you want. Enjoy videos even when you’re offline. SPEEDbit HD gives you the power.

No more Frustrating! Get Your Free App Here

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6 Responses to #SPEEDtips: HD To Go

  1. Wandering says:

    Oh cool, a free app!! I can actually make videos go faster on my cell? Really? Because I’m skeptical here. I watch YouTube on my phone all the time, and I’m sick of the loading wait, but I figured it was something I would just have to get used to it. Are you certain that this HD app would make that all go away?

  2. SPEEDbit says:

    Heya, no need to register. SPEEDbit HD is a free app. Click HERE to get it
    Our SPEEDbit Video Accelerator is a premium product, more information here: http://www.speedbit.com/products/video-accelerator/

  3. Jen says:

    Free? really? I’m going to download it now cause I can’t live without HD. It’s addictive!

  4. P. Chong says:

    Excellent download speed, plays beautifully, but no sound!!

    Ipad plays youtube normally otherwise, but slow. With speedbit player, fast, but no sound. Any suggestion to fix?

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