Impatience is a Virtue | Week of August 15th

SPEEDbit: Let the acceleration power take over

Patience. It’s what each and every one of us find in ourselves.

But, for some things. Like downloading your favorite games and streaming the latest HD anime video. Without annoying pauses. Interruptions.
Just smooth delivery. You basically don’t need patience. Here anyways.
So, you can basically chuck it out the window. Just be sure to open your SPEEDbit Video Accelerator first:)

Launch your

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator and let the acceleration power take over. Don’t do anything. Kick back and relax with that cool glass of mint lemonade and enjoy. Here at SPEEDbit, we are downright serious about giving a boost to your online experience. A boost in SPEED. It’s what you need for your Internet life to be less of a hassle and more of an enjoyable time.

But, it’s not only about SPEED. It’s about providing you with what YOU want. When YOU want it. See for yourself what is hot and what’s trending by SPEEDbit Video Accelerator’s 35 million active users on a global scale. Enjoy.

Ponei Maldito Official Remix Like a G6

Car ever get stuck in the mud? See Ponei Maldito’s lalalalalalala act and then transformation. Then Ponei’s back!


Don’t be afraid of the dark. There’s no reason to. Really.


See a night reenacted. And why going past your limits is just. Not. Good.
NOTE: This video is subject for review.

Epic Derby Baby

Get ready for a derby race adventure. Hold onto your hats folks for a wild ride when two grown men and a little girl from San Diego race. Guess who wins?
Note: So is this one. Includes some violence


We’re warning you. Ya gotta watch this video by the time we count to three. 1. 2. 2.5…Three!!

Kandireega trailer 3 – Ram & Hansika Motwani

Flying sand, races through the desert, a dash of intrigue, a slew of action. And a Shovel? MUST Watch.

Pirate of the Caribbean

How do you write underwater? What do you write about? Check out this underwater museum in Panama. Plenty to write about here! You’ll stay dry. We promise.

Karmin Suicide Roll Hair Tutorial

Bobby pins, hairspray, a comb, a hair band and oila! It’s a hair tutorial with Amy from Karmin. OMG! How’d she do that?! So FAST!

The SPEED is always there when you want it. With SPEEDbit.
Have a great week y’all!

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