Unleash The #SPEED

How about unleashing SPEED? Let’s explore other speed out there. There are a lot of things in life that we have patience for. There are others where it’s just plain overrated. We are all about SPEED (yes, patience is overrated) this week we focuses on how SPEED influences different aspects of our daily lives in everything from world records to cooking (Disclaimer: you may overdose from laughter for this one
We’d love to receive your comments and feedback. Enjoy!


The little bike that wood
Just when you thought anything that could be done has been done, we bring you this. A bike made out of wood is poised to break the land-speed record. The concept of wooden bikes is nothing new, but this is the first to be made completely of wood. The inspiration for Michael Thompson of Norwich, England was born out of a dare from local triathlete James Tully.
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05 SplinterBike gallery

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope. It’s a train
Fly into the future on this train with wings! Using ground-effect technology where the train levitates among a fixed track, it seeks to revolutionize high-speed transportation, the train is in design phase, but if ever put into production will reach speeds of up to 200KM an hour! That’s twice as fast as the normal car speed limit. Getting people where they want to go in half the time!
Catch this train if ya can!

Cooking. It’s all about the SPEED
Leigh Hart from Moon TV gives another hilarious speed cooking lesson Eggs, spices, spaghetti, a chicken, some cheese, a rabbit. Learn how you too can inject your cooking with some speed. Leigh shows us how easy it can be when you know how.

Infuse your tennis game with SPEED
Ground strokes, lob shots, drop shots, the return serve. Tennis is one of those sports where foot speed is crucial to being a productive player. Lee “The Speed Guy” Taft shares his favorite drills to improve your court speed when attempting to return these four shots. Learn how speed can take take your tennis game to another level.
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How does SPEED fit into your daily life? Are you a SPEED walker? Is your dog so fast that when you let him go, he’s gone in a blink of an eye? Is your manager at work a SPEED talker that you need a stenographer just to type notes? We’d love to hear your thoughts on SPEED.
After all, it’s what SPEEDbit is all about.
Constantly striving to accelerate your Internet experience. Patience is indeed overrated

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2 Responses to Unleash The #SPEED

  1. WorkMom says:

    I guess you could say my SPEED is trying to complete all my work at my job in just 8 hours, then rushing home to take care of the kids! If a kid doesn’t make you a speed demon, I don’t know what does! :-)

  2. Tim says:

    People say that I’m a “speed talker” myself, are always asking me to slow down. Thanks for backing me up for once on this one!

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