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SPEEDbit Video Accelerator:

Accelerates online videos for quick loading and smooth playing!
Eliminates irritating buffering pauses and freezing!
Works on 165 video sites including YouTube, Facebook & others!
Seamless integration with all leading browsers!
Enhanced privacy and support!

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8 Responses to SPEEDbit Acceleration Package

  1. icecubemedia says:

    good software to accelerate video.

  2. MoonRock says:

    Thanks SPEEDbit for hitting the scene hard. Your acceleration software rocks!

  3. maged badea says:

    Thanks SPEEDbit for hitting the scene hard

  4. Scott says:

    How can I uninstall Speedbit Video Accelerator without disabling my browser on Windows 7?

    I have tried “Control Panel>Programs and Features>Speedbit Video Accelerator>Uninstall/Change,” but that does not work, as I believe you people know quite well. I have also tried Revo uninstaller, and that does not completely get the job done either. The file that is screwing the up the uninstall is “sblsp.dll”. I have managed to uninstall all the files and all the registry entries while continuing to maintain internet browsing capability (Firefox or Internet Explorer), except that one.

    How do I (and tens of thousands of other people) fix this?

    Is your program 1) malware, or 2) is it easily and completely uninstallable? It is one or the other.

    Please help. Thanks.


    • emily says:

      All of SPEEDbit products are 100% safe, with no Trojans, spyware, malware or anything of that kind. SPEEDbit is a respectable company serving internet users worldwide for the last 11 years, with over 265 million installs of its applications and numerous awards including the 2008 Technology Pioneer Award from the World Economic Forum. We strongly believe that the only way to grow a successful business over so many years is to by providing great valuable products that users want, and to do so in a trustworthy fashion. We have millions of users who enjoy our products every day and this motivates us to keep on innovating and serving our great users.

      SpeedBit Video Accelerator comes with an uninstall utility. The purpose of this utility is to allow the user to completely uninstall SpeedBit Video Accelerator should he wishes to do so.

      If you have experienced difficulties to remove SpeedBit Video Accelerator, while we can not be certain without additional information what was the reason for the problem you have encountered while trying to uninstall SpeedBit Video Accelerator, we would like to recommend you to proceed with the following steps:

      1) Download SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s latest setup file, available on http://www.videoaccelerator.com

      2) Execute SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s setup file

      3) VERY IMPORTANT – REBOOT your PC after SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s installation to make sure that all SpeedBit Video Accelerator components (including the uninstall utility) are fully installed.

      4) Use SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s uninstall utility to fully remove SpeedBit Video Accelerator – SpeedBit Video Accelerator’s uninstall utility may be accessed under the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ /’Programs and Features’ under the ‘Control Panel’ in your Windows ‘Start’ -> ‘Settings’.

      With any other questions please contact us at: support@speedbit.com

  5. Mary Lynn says:

    I installed Speedbit and it worked great for a while. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it is still skipping. I know it works great it has for me in the past. I need my smooth sounding music back, without any skips.
    Thank You

    • grace says:

      Hi Mary,

      We would like to suggest you download the latest SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Beta from http://www.videoaccelerator.com/beta then install it and check whether the problem is solved.

      Please fully uninstall your installed SPEEDbit Video Accelerator and restart your PC before the new installation.

      If the problem continues, please contact us at: support@speedbit.com us with as much info as you can about the problem, so that we will be able to diagnose it and provide you with a suitable solution.

      Kind regards,
      SPEEDbit team.

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