Thinking Green

Welcome to SPEEDbit. The future is here.  Our multi-channel, patented technology that contributes to a more enjoyable Internet experience. Whether you’re downloading the latest Beyonce music video or watching the latest NBA Final clips on ESPN, you’ll experience data delivery like never before. By utilizing multiple channels simultaneously, SPEEDbit intuitively initiates and manages the downloading of different parts of a file from the fastest and securest connections out there. It then builds the file up, piece by piece and delivers you a full file in a transparent fashion, allowing you to enjoy your downloading and viewing experience like never before. SPEEDbit technology allows for you to finally realize the benefits of the bandwidth you pay for. Patience is indeed. Overrated.

Think Green with SPEEDbit

Adventure 9 by pineapple9995

Go green with us. Governments, manufacturers, consumers, regulators and businesses are increasingly going green. An ever-growing wave of global environmentalism is pushing technology companies to do things in a greener and more sustainable fashion. We are right there. We utilize existing infrastructure such as your PC and networks that you are already familiar with. So, there is no need to build, reroute or install equipment that is sometimes toxic and pollutes the earth. The technology represents an option that is available on demand that will help you reduce your carbon footprint right now.

With our green approach, there is no reason to make large amounts of copies of videos for distribution. This wastes electricity used in air conditioning and Data Center power just to cool the hundreds of servers. It also wastes space. SPEEDbit’s use of what’s already out there by building on top of and supporting existing technology provides for a better way of doing things. A greener way. Come and join the millions on the planet and go green with SPEEDbit and make your video enjoyment a smooth and green experience. Think Green With SPEEDbit.

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3 Responses to Thinking Green

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  2. Jenny says:

    Wow, I never thought about how green technology works before…Makes me feel bad for using so much air conditioning, but it totally makes sense!

  3. Judith says:

    Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biggtiy.

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