Impatience is a Virtue | Week of August 24

Watch 127 Minutes with SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Watch MÄDCHEN & NEID with SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Watch 'Beatbox+Guitar+Voice=?' with SPEEDbit Video Accelerator

SPEEDbit. We’re here for ya. SPEEDing up your Internet experience. When downloading. Watching videos. MINUS the pausing, buffering and poor quality that come with slow connection speeds. You know what we’re talking about. You should be enjoying your time. Not wasting it.

It’s about getting you what you want. When YOU want it.

Here is the inside track on the videos that are being accelerated by millions across the planet, right now! Lord of the rings in a … Weeding, HBO True Blood and some other cool trending video, here they are all ! Enjoy.

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator - Streaming HD video

127 Minutes

The life of a band on the road. Off the road. All 127 minutes of it. And you’ll learn how to pronounce Boise! It’s actually only 3:47

Gollum at a wedding

For real. Who invited a gargoyle to a wedding? This guest doesn’t come any more UNINVITED.

Backyard Waterslide FAIL

Missed by that much. Slide, wetsuit, a small inflatable pool. Luckily some soft grass to land on.


See SexyJulia talk about…Something..We don’t understand..Do you? We get it. Doh! It’s about the fingernails.


Bringin’ sexy back in style. Acoustic. With no instruments! Just some beatbox. Wait. Is that a ukelele?


Enjoy acoustic music and cloud kingdoms with Nanalew on her way back home to LA.

Graduation 2011 – Honorary Profiles – Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander comes back after many years. The power of technology empowers him to film his experience. Film and storytelling is what it’s all about here.

A robot that flies like a bird

Markus Fischer and his team show off their engineering marvel, Smartbird. Carbon fiber, a motor and a lot of brains make Smartbird fly like a bird.

Hope you enjoyed those! Wow. Sure is true what they say.
The SPEED is there when ya need it.

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