“I would be the object of so much genuine affection”

2011 Women Equality Day Info Graph.

Have you seen Tootsie? (If not, it’s time to use your handy SPEEDBit Video Accelerator to find out what that great movie all about!) There’s a great line from the movie Tootsie where Dorothy Michaels is introduced as a guest of honor during the live broadcast of a soap opera show named Southwest General. To start her speech, Dorothy (aka Dustin Hoffman dressed as a woman) says, “I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be the object of so much genuine affection” Great line! Why? Because that’s the same way we feel about our SPEEDBit users! We thank you for welcoming us into your laptops and allowing us to help you accelerating your videos!

2011 SPEEDbit Women's Equality Day

We particularly want to thank the women for taking time out of their busy schedules (kids, work, family life) to take a breather and watch an online movie or clip using our SPEEDbit Video Accelerator or Download Accelerator Plus.
On this Women’s Equality Day, we pay tribute to all those wonderful women out there!

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One Response to “I would be the object of so much genuine affection”

  1. Lisa says:

    I love that movie, Tootsie! In a strange way, I think it showcases strong women! Thanks for paying tribute to our hard work! Strong women rule!

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