It’s Not Easy Being Green l September

Not Easy but Necessary. How about virtually recycling the Internet? SPEEDbit patented data compression and multi-channel technology, in fact virtually recycling the Internet. No need for new infrastructures, cables, or even new computers to experience a true broadband Internet. No video buffering. No more waiting for files to download.
For a Greener future, every month we are going to thank some of our hard-working Green friends, nonprofit organizations that are dedicating their effort to a better future for us all. This month we selected: Rainforest Partnership, and Austin Green Art. Check them out, click on the ‘Go Green’ button. We know you too will get inspired.

Rainforest Partnership Austin Green Art

Lodging project in Chipaota!

American Forests is the oldest national conservation organization in the U.S. They have been helping to protect and restore forests since 1875. One of their major projects is to fight the whitebark pine devastation that has killed millions of trees in the upper Yellowstone region. They also plan on planting over 300,000 long-leaf pines to restore severely deforested areas. What a titanic project! They will need all the help they can get. Created only in 2007, the Rainforest Partnership works to help populated areas in tropical rainforests regions to develop an economy that will protect and regenerate their forests. Though a very young organization, they helped preserve thousands of acres of rainforest. In Chipaota, they helped conserve 9,000 acres of rainforest through a program that let the local population live on sustainable harvest. Smart strategy!

Plastic bag awareness sculpture

Austin Green Art (AGA) dedicates itself to raising awareness through networking and community building.  They organize cultural events in which communities take part, crafting their way to awareness through the creation of art, reusing items such as plastic bags and old tires. They believe people learn best important environmental issues through creative work. Inventive!


* Conducted 44 programs in 3 years

* Engaged 1,300+ residents and artists

                                           * Programs attended by more than 200,000

A smoother, faster Internet while being totally environmental friendly

At SPEEDbit, we want to give you what you NEED: a smoother, faster Internet while being totally environmental friendly. No new materials means no waist and no pollution. Our patent multi-channel technology accelerates your Internet experience, taking away the wait and choppiness of your downloads, and letting you watch HD movies without the wait. Kermit did say: “It’s not easy being green”, but we’re planning on SPEEDing over any obstacle and flying onto the cyber-highway!

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