Impatience is a Virtue | Week of September 20

The Fight Clump Free LashesBy gossmakeupartist Lakers Man by MrDor890

Hey SPEEDbit gang. Your wait. Don’t you hate it? Well, wait no more with SPEEDbit’s Video Accelerator. Did we mention that Patience is Overrated? Time for our weekly round. See what our SPEEDbit Video Accelerator users are accelerating right now! Around the globe. Just sit back and enjoy! And don’t wait for buffering or choppiness. Just smoothness all the way through! After all, why should anyone have to..wait.. After all, Patience is Overrated. There. We said it again!!:) Enjoy

SPEEDbit-Video-Accelerator - No Buffering. Just smoothness all the way through.

Clump Free LashesBy gossmakeupartist

Some great tips by a makeup expert are presented here in this quick tip video. It might waste a bit of Mascara, but you’ll have amazing looking clump-free lashes!

Minecraft Tutorial by Odedex

In this video tutorial, you will learn about all the different types of pipes and their functions in the hit game Minecraft. Take your game skills up another level with the knowledge you gain!

Lakers Man by MrDor890

In this great video clip montage set to great music, watch Shannon Brown, Laker Superstar put it DOWN! Live the excitement.

The Fight by leoamaralgalileia

Check out this post of a video of a Latin star on the rise. This kid sure can sing!!

Spider lashes & BOLD LIPS! by Andrea’s Choice

Andrea is back and spider lashed out after a bout with Strep Throat. Leading up to that she visited her family, went wine tasting and fed a peacock. But, she’s back with some great makeup tips! Check out her latest!

Have an awesome week everyone!!

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