#SPEEDtip: Buffering, not so Funny

Buffering Video is Not Something to be Smiling About
Two options for you to choose from to accelerate your videos to the max and watch them fly are: (1) SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Free (2) SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Premium

The free version provides you with accelerated video streaming when using over 165 video sites such as YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Veoh and more. While the premium version also offers Video acceleration of High Definition videos, HQ Videos and acceleration on  iTunes!

There are three kinds of acceleration that SPEEDbit Video Accelerator uses to bring you the most optimum video watching experience on the planet. They are :

  • Normal Video Acceleration: This is used for the most common video formats, such as the ones you’ll find on YouTube. These videos utilize bitrates of up to 100KBps and Video Accelerator speeds them up significantly.
  • High Quality Video Acceleration: This is the type of acceleration that is utilized to enhance videos with higher resolution and bitrates between 100 and 200 KBps. Video Accelerator speeds these up as well. This type of Acceleration is available only to our SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Premium users.
  • HD (High Definition) Video Acceleration: This is the type of acceleration SPEEDbit uses to enhance the quality of High Definition web videos and typically have KBps rates over 200. This HD Video Acceleration is only available to members with SPEEDbit Premium.

To highlight the widespread problem that videos from YouTube and other video sites have with regards to buffering, freezing and just plain slowness, we urge you not to take our word for it and invite you to check out what the good folks from Saturday Night Live have to say. Weekend Update’s New Media correspondent Bobby Moynihan tells it like no one else. USA users can watch this entire episode on hulu (Original Air Date—27 February 2010) Bobby really wants to show you something on YouTube. Really. You will laugh so hard. He does. And then doesn’t. But wait it’s buffering. Well, why don’t you just come back when it stops buffering? Must watch! If only he was using Video Accelerator!

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One Response to #SPEEDtip: Buffering, not so Funny

  1. Howard S. says:

    Absoooloutely! Buffering really bites..I remember that SNL skit..They shoulda been using Video Accelerator!

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