Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner l Natalie Wickham

Guess Who is Coming to Dinner - Natalie Wickham



SPEEDbit | Natalie Wickham is coming to dinner

Natalie is a Nationally Certified Music Teacher.  She enjoys teaching piano to people of all ages and levels and of course the power behind, an on-line collection of creative and practical resources for indie music teachers. Since Natalie loves helping other people to succeed, she often presents workshops to a variety of organizations and people. Here is Natalie’s take on our Friday’s roundups.
Enjoy and have a great weekend SPEEDbit-ers!

What are your favorite types of videos to stream?

Ones with the enthusiastic faces of my students from other parts of the world smiling back at me during our Skype lessons!
Learn a New Piece
of Music SPEEDily!
Look for the hardest part. Practice the right hand alone. That will help you build the muscle memory for that pattern. Do the same thing with the left hand. Then play both hands together. Do the same with each difficult section until you can play the whole piece excellently!

What is your favorite fast song to belt out when dancing?

Most of my dancing takes place in the piano studio when I’m trying to help students get the feel of playing in 3/4 time. We waltz around the room singing, “ONE-two-three-ONE-two-three-ONE-two-three, etc.”

What is the one thing you’d like to speed up in your life?

My running time. I’ve always been a slow runner, but I sure wish I could knock off a mile in 7 minutes or less. Like most things in life, though, the idea of running faster is always way more exciting than the process of working to achieve it. ;)

What most irritates you when you have to wait?

That I don’t have a book at hand so I can read while passing
the time.

What are your top three websites you can’t live without?

1. love being able to quickly look up key words and passages.
2. to make sure what I’m talking/writing about is actually what I think I’m talking/writing about…
3. facebook: what can I say, I’m a Generation Y kid!

What happened this past week that you are most thankful for?

I got a really sweet note from a friend I haven’t seen for a while. It brought a smile to my face and reminded me that taking a few minutes to encourage a friend can be just the pick-up they need to feel refreshed and ready to tackle their responsibilities for the day!
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