My Favorite Downloads by Tracy V. Wilson

We’re excited to have Tracy V. Wilson with us today. While by day she is the site director of, by night she writes geeky poetry on While most poetry revolves around general themes, she touches original topics, creating enjoyable and fun poetry. Now, let us share with you her secretly loved downloads!

What are your top five favorite downloads of all time, #1 being your favorite.


5. Google Earth: Their 3D maps of the moon make research for science-fiction settings so much easier.
4. “Mary & Max”: I’m working on conquering my fear of flying, and this movie has helped keep my mind off being 30,000 feet up in the air.
3. “Roderick on the Line”: John Roderick is one of my favorite songwriters, and Merlin Mann is a joy to listen to, so a podcast with both of them is something I can’t miss.
2. Delicious Library: I have about 800 books, so the ability to look up and catalog my collection has become increasingly important, especially when I’m on the lookout for new things to read.
1. “Braid”: This is such a visually beautiful game, and it adds a twist to Classic Platformer. Also, there’s a narrative that runs through it… It’s everything I want in a game.

Please finish these sentences
The most recent software I’ve downloaded is Spotify. I downloaded it because my sister-in-law had an invite and suggested it as a good way to get workout music.

I haven’t used Spotify enough to decide whether I like it or not. I’ve been filling just about all of my workout time with audio books (currently, the “Dresden Files” series by Jim Butcher).

Please finish this sentence
The software I benefit from most is anything that helps me work with text. Words are a big part of just about everything I do on the clock and off, so anything that gives me tools to write, edit and save time is a big help.

Name one app that you’ve recently downloaded and now can’t bear to live without.
I’ve come to really depend on Smart Alarm Clock by Arawella Corporation. It uses iPhone’s motion controls to track your movement while you’re asleep and wake you up when you’re sleeping lightly instead of deeply.

What’s the best movie (or song) you saw (or heard) this week?
“Nobody Loves You Like Me” by Jonathan Coulton. It’s a hauntingly (and disturbingly) lovely new song on his new album, “Artificial Heart.”

What is your favorite poem and why?
My favorite poem is ”Eating Poetry” by Mark Strand. It’s a simultaneously playful and primal poem about exactly what the title makes it sound like… someone’s in a library eating poetry. It ends on a note of pure joy, and I’ve loved it since I first read it years ago in a literature class in college. I have it memorized, and sometimes when I’m upset or frustrated, I’ll recite it in my head all the way through. By the end I always feel better.

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