Impatience is a Virtue | Week of October 31

Thriller by Michael Jackson Batman: Arkham City Review by Machinima Misa Amane Look by bubzbeauty
Hey SPEEDsters. If ya got a hat on, hang onto it, cuz this week we have some videos that’ll scare ya..just a bit…BOO!:)… Tips, Goblins, Witches delivered right to your screen in smooth, uninterrupted fashion..
Imagine a world of no buffering or video hiccups..We did. That’s why we brought you Video Accelerator. Now, we bring you the videos that millions of SPEEDbit users worldwide are accelerating and trending. I bet ya didn’t know SPEEDbit users were a trendy bunch, eh? Well, you are!:) Hang onto your hats. And if ya don’t have one get one.. Didn’t ya know Impatience is a virtue..So is a good time! Have fun! We demand it..Or else:)


Thriller by Michael Jackson

But first, we’ll start things off with a bit of a musical twist from one of the all time greats..Michael Jackson..Just to get you in the mood…

Puts the chill in the air…And though you fight to stay alive Your body starts to shiver…   For no mere mortal can resist.
The evil of the thriller……………Aha ha ha ha haha..Ahhh ha ha ha..You know the rest:)

Batman: Arkham City Review by Machinima

Bats..Pretty Scary, eh?:) 2 face, the penguin, the a virtual world..soooo cool…There’s a bat coming at ya..Watch your head! Whew..Close call..Great review!


Misa Amane Look by bubzbeauty

Here is a Halloween tutorial for you anime fans! Death Note is a favorite video of the Gothic-minded. It’s probably the only anime that grips you in suspense from beginning to end. Here, we see Misa get done up halloween style. Anime eyes and fluttery eyelashes.

Justin Bieber’s Halloween Prank

Justin Bieber gets in on the Halloween action in this scary cute prank on his shoot.

Pumpkin Carving by JennXPenn

Watch Jenn give a short and to the POINT:) Tutorial of how to gut out a pumpkin, carve and leave a nice space for a candle..We sure are happy Jenn’s our friend!:)

SPEEDbit: Impatience is a virtue SPEEDbit: Impatience is a virtue SPEEDbit: Impatience is a virtue SPEEDbit: Impatience is a virtue



The Shining, Zombiez, Haunted House Party and MORE! An intimate look at some of the screen’s great scary moments

We got a great video roundup for ya next week. Stayed tuned. Happy Halloween..BOO! Again:)

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