SPEEDtip Roundup

We betcha didn’t know that you can get even MORE out of your file downloading and video accelerating experience, eh? Well, if ya didn’t, now ya do! Below we have 4 SPEEDtips that will help make your online experience even more of a pleasure. Yes. It’s possible!

SPEEDtips that will help make your online experience more of a pleasure

by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden

  • Download Basket: Download Accelerator Plus makes it a cinch with the Download Basket which stays on your screen so when you want to download that file, it’s as simple as drag and drop right into the basket. Doesn’t get much easier. Check out the post here: http://blog.speedbit.com/?p=699
  • SPEEDbit HD for videos on the go! Use SPEEDbit’s FREE App SPEEDbit HD for watching videos on the go. Anytime. Anywhere. Save your videos and watch em later. Read more here!: http://blog.speedbit.com/?p=180
  • Did you say security? Did you know that Download Accelerator Plus offers you the most secure online experience by utilizing multiple anti-virus programs to make sure you and your files are safe.
    Read our blog post here: http://blog.speedbit.com/?p=177
  • Keeping track of all those files. Sure you downloaded them super FAST and now you wanna make sense of it all. Which files finished. Which ones didn’t? Which ones are stuck. Have no fear.
    DAP is here. Read more with a click: http://blog.speedbit.com/?p=171

Check back here soon on our blog for other cool tips and features!

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