Introducing the SPEEDbit Video Downloader

Video and download acceleration tech titan SPEEDbit’s latest product, Video Downloader, is already over 35 million installs. SPEEDbit’s Video Downloader heightens your online experience, making it the most user-friendly (one-click), fastest (acceleration and conversion), supports thousands of video sites, and is best of all FREE.

We all love watching videos. They are fun and pass the time in an enjoyable way. One of the main issues with video is that sometimes we want to watch them when there is no Internet connection. In that case, we want to have access to saved videos that we can watch whenever we want. SPEEDbit’s latest addition to its suite of products is the Video Downloader which allows you to save videos in the format of your choice by downloading them while watching. All it takes is a few clicks. It can be summed up in three words. Download. Convert. Play. While watching your video of choice, click the download button, then click the convert button to choose the format you’d like to save it in and finally click the play button to watch the video. Now you have the power to watch your favorite videos whenever you want and wherever you are, Even when there is no Internet connection.

One-Click to download
SPEEDbit Video Downloader- Download Video
One-Click to convert
SPEEDbit Video Downloader- Convert Video
One-Click to play video
SPEEDbit Video Downloader- Play Video

The SPEEDbit Video Downloader provides you with:

  • FAST, Rapid, Quick, Accelerated, Speedy, Breakneck -Via our multi-channel acceleration technology, you’re empowered to download videos in a flash and convert them quickly to the format of your choice. This is all free and with just a few clicks, you’re on your way to uninterrupted video enjoyment. Wherever you are and whenever you want.
  • Supports, Sustains, Guarantees – Supports sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, veoh and many more. You can easily convert videos from hundreds of sites with just a click and save them so you can watch them any time and anywhere. Using the free SPEEDbit Video Downloader toolbar makes it super easy to save web videos to your computer.
  • Adaptable, Compliant, Versatile – Porting and playing the video on any device using Video Downloader with the Google Chrome browser is so easy when you add the Video Downloader toolbar. All it takes is one click to watch, download, convert and play.

Learn more, watch a video demo

Click to download it now and begin downloading your favorite videos!

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