Sound of iTunes – Week of October

Not only was the Sound of Music the first film broadcast in color to win the Academy Award (April 18, 1966), it won FIVE of them!

The following list is our effort to provide you the best in entertainment, just like Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer did. Way back when. Like the film, in full beautiful color, we present you with the Sound of iTunes for the week of October.

Just click on the links below while you have SPEEDbit Video Accelerator open in the background. This way you can enjoy the sights and sounds that are downloading to your handheld device or wherever it is you have iTunes loaded. Kick back and get ready to enjoy and stream our picks below in full color with no buffering, pausing or other annoying interruptions. We know you hate that:) The dude in the photo certainly does. Looks like he’s having a great time. And so will you.


The Top iTunes Downloads – Week of October

The Hills are Alive. Again!
Ya caught us again, eh? Well, just in time for another segment for the Sound of iTunes!
This week we present the top 2 downloads in 4 categories with a few freebies:

TV Shows

Top TV Show Downloads

Download Title: Family Recipe, Sons of Anarchy – Season 4

Released: October 25, 2011
Description: An important club vote gets side tracked when SAMCRO is forced to deal with dangerous external threats against the club.

View and Download it Here!

Download Title: Bloodletting, The Walking Dead

Genre: Drama
Release Date: October 23,2011
Description:Coming to the aid of another, Rick discovers a possible safe haven. Shane must go on a dangerous mission to get badly needed medical supplies.

View and Download it Here!

Top Movies

Download Title: Captain America – The First Avenger

Genre: Action & Adventure
Release Date: May 06, 2011
Description:After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America’s ideals.

View and Download it Here!

Download Title: Horrible Bosses

Genre: Comedy
Release Date: July 08, 2011
Description: Management candidate Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman) has been logging 12-hour days and eating everything his twisted supervisor Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) dishes out, only to find he’s never getting promoted. Meanwhile, dental assistant Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) has been struggling to maintain his self-respect against the relentless X-rated advances of Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S. (Jennifer Aniston). And accountant Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) has just learned that his company’s corrupt new owner, Bobby Pellit (Colin Farrell), is not only bent on ruining his career but plans to funnel toxic waste into an unsuspecting population. So, on the strength of a few-too-many drinks and some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con (Jamie Foxx), the guys devise a convoluted but foolproof plan to rid the world of their respective employers… permanently. But even the best-laid plans are only as good as the brains behind them.

View and Download it Here!


Top FREE Podcasts

Podcast Title: The Lion King

By: Walt Disney Motion Pictures (UK)
Podcast Description: Disney’s epic classic The Lion King returns to cinemas in breath-taking 3D this October and for the first time ever on November 7th in stunning High Definition right here on iTunes. Become a fan on Facebook at
Join Simba the feisty lion cub who “just can’t wait to be king.” But his envious Uncle Scar has plans for his own ascent to the throne, and he forces Simba’s exile from the kingdom.

Listen and Download it Here!:

Podcast Title: Planet Money

Podcast Description: Money makes the world go around, faster and faster every day. On NPR’s Planet Money, you’ll meet high rollers, brainy economists and regular folks — all trying to make sense of our rapidly changing global economy.

Listen and Download it Here!:

Top FREE Apps

App Title: Reckless Getaway

Description: Who’d a thought robbing the bank would be the easy part? Now comes the real challenge – to escape with your hard-earned loot having the fuzz hot at your heels!

Weave in and out of oncoming traffic; dodge, outrun or ram pursuing police cars
and just generally crash, smash and thrash your way through 16 varied levels.

Download it Here

App Title: Family Feud & Friends

Description: Survey Says: Play the Ultimate Social Gaming Experience on the go!

You can now experience exciting Family Feud competition together with Facebook friends and other Family Feud & Friends players as you try to name the most popular answers to survey questions posed to 100 people.

Download it Here

Come on back here y’all soon for another amazing edition of the Sound of iTunes. Enjoy what you found here and see ya soon!!

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