Waiting is For The Birds

You all want to watch your videos uninterrupted. You all want to say NO to buffering, slowness and hiccuping. But, sometimes that just isn’t the reality. You want to enjoy your videos. SPEEDbit found a way to do all that using multiple channels instead of just one with our patented acceleration technology. We have been doing it for a while and we keep reaching new heights, striving to serve you with the best the web has to offer. FAST! We hope you can hop along for the ride and join millions around the world who get to enjoy their favorite videos by using SPEEDbit Video Accelerator.

SPEEDbit - The Birds Are Coming

Hitchcock's THE BIRDS Barbie doll by stewardcaretaker

Here are three of the benefits you will get out of using SPEEDbit Video Accelerator with the FREE version

  • HQ Video Acceleration: Video Accelerator is a powerful tool that let’s you enjoy larger, higher resolution videos without the wait. Accelerate High Quality videos with bit rates up to 200 KBps for clearer, more vibrant images.
  • Broad Site Support: Support for over 165 of your favorite video sites including YouTube, veoh, MEGAVIDEO and more. New video sites are constantly being added.
  • Quick Video Downloading: SPEEDbit’s new Video Downloader allows you to save your favorite videos. With a few clicks save videos from your favorite sites to your computer in the format of your choice.

Waiting is for the birds (and those who aren’t using SPEEDbit Video Accelerator) Click here to download. Go on. It’s FREE!
There is really nothing else for you to do besides downloading and installing on your computer.

We hate to break it to ya, but the speed with which you browse the Internet is actually lower than the speed that your Internet Service Provider gives you. Two of the primary reasons are:

  • Shared Bandwidth: The ISP imposes a limit on the bandwidth allocated to a neighborhood group of subscribers. This means that at peak hours subscribers will have a much lower bandwidth allocated to them.
  • Bandwidth allocation: between several machines or users on the same connection, applications and processes on your computer continuously use up bandwidth, thus reducing your effective speed for watching video.

SPEEDbit sits on top of your current connection and your web browser streams videos via our patented multi-channel technology. SPEEDbit Video Accelerator is smart. It intuitively knows what site you are on and accelerates accordingly. This provides you with a faster connection, as it accelerates the bandwidth you already have. Picture a traffic cop that manages multiple channels to get the video to your screen in the fastest and most efficient way possible without interruption. This is transparent to you. The integration is seamless. The multi-channel technology bypasses the slowness of your connection and makes up for slow infrastructure by utilizing several simultaneous connections ensuring your Internet connection is stretched to the max!

NOW watching visually stunning videos is your reality!

Click here to read about all these features and more!

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