SPEEDbit Video Accelerator – Your Viewing Partner for Euro 2012

Where will you be on Euro 2012 Championship? Hopefully not waiting for an online video website to finish buffering.

As the Euro 2012 opening game approaches, it is time to equip your computer with SPEEDbit Video Accelerator.

We know that even if you are a fanatic football fan, you will not be able to stop your life and sit in front of the TV all day long, and we are certain that you do not want to miss the beautiful goals being stuck in front of a buffering screen…

That is why we are offering you to download our free video accelerator for a guaranteed smooth and uninterrupted viewing of the Euro 2012 games.

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator supports over 165 video sites  including several sports channels such as EA-sport, ESPN, The SUN, which are highly recommended by us. SPEEDbit Video Accelerator also supports the following sports video sites: Uefa.com, Ronaldo7.net, Livesoccertv.com and Guardian.co.uk.

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator is a powerful tool that lets you watch internet videos at the fastest possible speeds without the pauses and delays typical to online streaming. SPEEDbit Video Accelerator downloads movies from multiple sources at the same time and by that, download and playback speed is improved significantly.

Once you install Video Accelerator, it configures itself automatically, and you can immediately watch Euro 2012 games at accelerated speed.

Euro Game 2008Image by sharatjaswal.com

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