How to Download Videos from Facebook

Does this scenario sound familiar? A friend has sent you a link to a fantastic video posted on Facebook. But then, when you go to download it to your computer – you find you’re unable to! If this has indeed happened to you, do not despair, y
ou are not alone. Not knowing how to download Facebook videos is a very common problem Facebook users encounter, and yet it’s one that is very simple to solve. Just follow the directions below, and we’ll have you on your way in no time to creating video downloads from Facebook videos.

The first thing in doing a video download is to ascertain if in fact Facebook is hosting your desired Facebook video. If it is actually located on the server of another site – such as YouTube or something similar – then you will need to download the Facebook video from there, and not from Facebook.

If indeed the video is on Facebook, then you can proceed to the next step. Right click on the Facebook video and click on “copy shortcut.” At this point you have a few options. One is to find a website that will enable you to past the shortcut onto their page and create the video download via their site. You may then have to click on “Download” which will allow the site to locate your video. They will then ask you to right click and save your video, opening a new window. You will then click on “Save target as.”

This should open up a browsing window. You may now choose the location where you want to save your Facebook video, as well as rename it anything you like. Your video download will now be saved in mp4 format.

Sound complicated? Well, it is. Another option, much simpler, is to download a free tool that will enable you to download your Facebook videos in one step. One such free tool, offered by SPEEDbit, provides you with software that enables you to download the Facebook video with one simple click – no hassle, no mistakes. You simply watch your video on Facebook, click on the ‘Download’ button and enjoy your video download.

Now that you know how to download Facebook videos, you can save all your favorites, whenever and wherever you desire!


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