Video Streaming on your Smart TV – The Wave of the Future?

If you haven’t already heard, for video streaming there are a wide range of new TVs on the market. Called Smart TVs, you connect them up to the Internet and your personal computer, and can stream YouTube videos, movies and other video files to your heart’s content.

If you are looking for the best system around, there really isn’t one – the question is rather, what is the best system for your particular video streaming needs? You’ll find that each one offers its own particular features, interface capability and more. The higher end systems will provide better functionality and cost more, the cheaper systems might not give you everything you want – you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of budget versus quality in choosing your ideal smart TV system for watching YouTube videos and more.

Some of them come with apps already built in, and many will allow you to purchase additional apps to enhance your screening time. You’ll find they enable you to watch YouTube videos or the BBC’s iplayer; some may have apps for social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. For users who like to use movie rental services, there are apps for services like Netflix and FetchTV.

Which brand to go with? Well, the safest bet is probably going with a well known, tried and true manufacturer like Samsung, Sony or Panasonic. And when purchasing, be sure to check out whether or not you receive a web browser as part of the bundle – this will allow you to visit the websites of your choice, rather than being limited to the content the manufacturer has decided you should have access to. But be warned – browsing the Internet from a Smart TV as well as watching YouTube videos are not the same experiences as when using your PC. Both speed and quality in Smart TVs have a way to go before they reach what we’ve become accustomed to. In addition, you may be disappointed when you go to stream an embedded video and find that you don’t have the proper support. And after all, what did you purchase a Smart TV for, if not to be able to download video files and engage in video streaming at will?

One solution for this is to use your Smart phone. By finding the site you want there, you can send the video files to the TV with a hand gesture, allowing you to watch them in larger than life, living color. Does this kind of video streaming sound like science fiction? No more. Voice and motion control to manage one’s entertainment center are here and seem bound to be the way of the future.

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