Video Download: Spot the Difference

Even if you’re not already using a download accelerator or equivalent package to boost your video download speed for video from youtube or other video streaming sites, then you’ve probably already heard of the idea.

The concept itself is pretty straightforward, there’s a type of software that you can download which claims that you can speed up your internet connection’s download performance. The question is whether this actually makes a significant difference to your video download and video streaming speeds.

Independent tests of SPEEDbit’s video accelerator have shown that the technology behind SPEEDbit’s Video Accelerator provides a remarkable improvement in streaming video from youtube and other sites. The good news is that the same technology is also the basis for SPEEDit’s Download Accelerator Plus 10 which speeds up video downloads.

For those who might be skeptical as per the benefits to video download and video streaming from using our software, check out the youtube video from


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