Video Accelerator Goes Mobile! See the Results for Yourself

Companies offering video accelerator technology might seem like they’re selling you something you don’t really need. This is especially so in terms of mobile communications. After all, mobile phones are hot gadgets, they’re ultra modern and brimming with the latest technology. Well think again…

Mobile phones were developed with one use in mind talking to people without having to be in a specific place. The advance of technology led to the inclusion of additional functions and although we’re still waiting for a mobile phone that will make you a cup of tea, the additional functions that are now standard issue were added to the package on an ad-hoc basis and that means that there’s plenty of room for improvement.

If you think it’s amazing to have a camera, an app that can tell you what song you’re listening to on the radio, mobile internet access with the ability to watch video from YouTube, all on a machine that fits into your pocket, you’re right. What goes alongside this is a feeling that these ultra-modern, hi-tech appliances are doing everything the best that they can and this is where we’re slightly mistaken.

Just as the internet from your PC can benefit from video accelerator technology, the same is true for your mobile phone. This is simply because the internet works on the same principles regardless of the device you’re using to connect. We know how to accelerate video downloads from a PC and the technology works just as well in a mobile phone.

The good news is that mobile manufacturers have got wise to the notion that video accelerator technology actually works and they’ve begun to embed this technology into their handsets. In recent tests, a mobile device equipped with built-in SPEEDbit video acceleration was an incredible five times quicker at downloading video from YouTube as compared to a standard mobile.

But don’t just take our word for it; check out this short YouTube clip. Using our video accelerator technology means that watching this clip and any other video from YouTube will be much less frustrating.

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