5 Great last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Does your Valentine’s Day kit include roses and chocolate and jewelry? Or did you forget the date and you plan to pick up something at the gas station? Don’t worry – here are some smart, funny and romantic ideas for gifts and gestures you can get or do it yourself – Fast, Easy and absolutely great!

Secret Love blog on Tumblr
If you enjoy downloading files, music, videos or pictures etc., you can use Tumblr as a “scrapbook” for all those lovely things you found, and share that with your loved one. Love songs, romantic sentences, pics of you as a couple and memories from the things you did together. You can get all the technical details in this “how to” article.

Make a loving mixtape
Looking for a faster and easier way to show you care? NO PROBLEM… we got you covered! In this link you can find a lovely idea for an online MIXTAPE, just like in the not-so-far-ago old times – but with a nice twist.


Funky Etsy stuff
Etsy.com is an online marketplace and community, where you can find items that were hand made by people, not factories. That means that some of the items you find there are really unique, and you can always find there a designed product that will make you, or your spouse, go “ohhh” and “ahhh”. Here are the latest surprising Valentine’s Day items, from matching iPhone cases to a personalized chalkboard.

My geeky valentine
Is your spouse spending too much time on Facebook? Are they addicted to their iPhone ? Is he a Star Wars freak or a fantasy geek? In this gallery you can find some cute and funny Valentine cards that carry techy or geeky messages.

The Big Board

And if you are looking for inspiration, there is no better place to find it than PINTEREST.com, of course. Look at all the valentine and love boards you can find there in one click. Whether you are trying to write a poem or design a secret love blog on Tumblr… you just can’t miss with Pinterest! Lots and lots of love sentences, cute and sassy pics and romantic gestures you can do at the big V-day.

Are you feeling ready to show the love? Have fun and don’t forget – We have the best Valentine’s Day offer on the web! Much better than all the roses and Teddy bears. Dont miss out!

Speedbit Special Valentine's Offer

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  1. Rosalyn Martin says:

    I don’t like the way DAP / Speedbit “highjacks” my settings and installs itself as a primary search engine and covets my new tabs in Google Chrome (Windows 8.1). How can I stop this from happening? This is tremendously annoying and sneaky. If I can’t stop this from happening, I’m going to have to ask for my money back! I ONLY want the functionality of faster downloading. I have thoughfully set up what I want. I am by no means a power-tech person but want to control what my PC does! Thank you.

    • grace says:

      Dear Rosalyn,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      We are looking into this reported behavior with utmost priority, to fix anything that may have gone wrong, asap.

      In the meantime, a quick and easy way to disable the search feature settings and Speedbit New tab is using the Browser Defaults Restore Utility available at http://www.speedbit.com/faq/?ref=browser#restore (download and extract the zip file, then run the RestoreBrowserSettings.exe file) This utility will automatically restore all your browser’s default settings. Please close all open browser windows before running the utility.

      Kindly feel free to contact us any time you need assistance.

      Kind regards,
      The SPEEDbit Team

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