How to Make Speed an Everyday Reality

There, it happened again – you suddenly think of this great video you watched on the web and you just have to show it to your friends NOW. You tell them: “You gotta see this!”. But Oh, there’s no internet connection around or maybe there is, but you just can’t remember where you saw that video…or maybe you DO remember, but when you play it for them the picture freezes and your friends lose interest.

How often does that happen? Errr…all the time, right?
Let’s face it – the internet has made the human kind a very impatient species.
What’s the name of that actor in that movie? We run to search it on the Web…
What’s the theme song on that TV show we grew up on? We quickly find it on YouTube…
What’s the music playing in that funny video? We run to play it online…

When we want something, we want it now and fast! But come to think of it, we spend hours searching for that one video, or waiting for that frozen video to start playing again. SPEED is the magic word. When we don’t get it we get REALLY frustrated.

So we are going to spend the next few posts on introducing features of Speedbit’s products that can make speed part of your everyday life, rather than a longed for fantasy.

Let’s begin with that video you just have to show your friends. What if you downloaded your favorite video and saved it on your computer? I know, you’re thinking that would take forever. But actually, it only takes one click with Download Accelerator Plus or Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter. And well, you already know that with Speedbit you always get the fastest possible download speed.

Speedbit offers two great options to download and convert your videos fast and simple:

  1. Download and Convert videos directly from Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
  2. Download and Convert videos with Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter

Downloading Videos and Converting Videos with DAP

It’s pretty much the same as downloading any file with DAP. Just copy and paste the video URL or click the Download Video button you see at the top of DAP’s main window. The video is then downloaded at accelerated speed and saved on your computer. Once downloaded, you can convert the video to any video or audio format by right-clicking on the video name and selecting Convert.

You can convert the video to MP3 music files or choose a format that suits your iPad/iPhone so you have it with you wherever you go. Now you can share your favorite videos with your friends anywhere, anytime.

Learn how to download and convert videos with DAP

Download and Convert Videos with DAP

Downloading Videos with Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter

Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter makes it even easier to download and convert videos. First, it lets you download and convert videos directly from your browser. It only takes one click, saving you that extra copy&paste action that other video downloaders make you go through. Second, it supports more video sites than any other video downloader. And third, it’s 100% free.

So how does it work? Once you download Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter, you will see a flashing Download Video icon on your browser every time you watch a video on the web. Click it and the video will be downloaded at accelerated speed using Speedbit’s patented multi-channel acceleration engine.

When download is complete, you can choose to convert the video to any format. You can choose a video format to save it as a video, or an audio format (like MP3) to save it as a music file.

See how Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter works

Download and Convert Videos Free

So next time you have the urge to share a video with your friends NOW, all you have to do is play it for them. Don’t waste your time on trying to remember where you saw the video, or waiting for that frozen video to continue playing again – just open your files and play the video.

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  1. Bunari, SE says:

    this programs is fery good

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