Speedbit helping Comcast download a 4.2 GB file in just a few seconds

It’s not just us – SPEED is troubling the minds of huge communication companies like Comcast. Unveiling the company’s technological innovations, Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, speaks of the importance of speed in his keynote speech at 2013 NCTA in Washington DC on June 11th.

Roberts demonstrates how he downloads a 4.2 GB video file in just 7 seconds. A few years ago, he says, this would have taken about 10 minutes. Well, guess where’s that Speed-boosting magic coming from? Yup, you got it! Speedbit and Comcast teamed up for this keynote demo and its Speedbit’s patented multi threads streaming acceleration engine that enabled this great result – boosting speed to 3.28 GBps! Here it is – Watch the video:

Making the most of your Bandwidth

Speedbit patented multi threads streaming acceleration makes the most efficient use of the available bandwidth. It may sound trivial, but the fact is that there’s a significant gap between the bandwidth you pay for (“the size of the pipe”) and the speed of data that actually flows within it. Today, one hardly ever makes a true full use of the potential bandwidth without an acceleration engine. Speedbit’s patented multi parallel channels technology helps overcome the slowest segments in the delivery path driving up the data flow speed. Speedbit makes your device open additional communication channels that are capable of bypassing the slow segments, boosting the data flow speed. In addition, Speedbit mirroring service may identify additional faster sources for the content you are seeking and use multiple channels to such additional sources (publicly available servers) further driving up the data flow speed to as high as your connection allows.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), the most popular download manager and accelerator, accelerates downloads using Speedbit’s patented multi thread technology. When you attempt to download a file, Speedbit’s dynamic acceleration engine kicks in, downloading the file at the best possible download speed.

Speedbit Video Accelerator uses Speedbit’s technology to speed up the data streaming rate by using multi dynamic streams that make optimal use of the available bandwidth. The result is higher video quality and no buffering, letting you watch online videos smoothly.

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