How to Make Speed an Everyday Reality – Part II

In the first part of this post we began our journey to REALLY enjoy speed. It was dedicated to those videos you find yourself watching again and again – whether it is one of those videos you just can’t stop watching and love to share with friends, or whether it is the video’s music that you want to be able to listen to anytime, or maybe it’s just a video you wish to play on the road and can’t rely on access to the internet. You can save yourself time and energy by downloading and converting the video to any audio or video format. I introduced two options by Speedbit that let you do this fast and simple: Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) and Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter. The first option is embedded in your DAP download manager; the second option lets you download and convert videos directly from your browser. Both provide an easy way to download videos with just a click of a button, the fastest download speed, and the option to convert the video to any video or audio format.

Now, let’s continue on our quest for REAL speed…

This time, let’s talk about those videos you want to watch but don’t necessarily want to save onto your computer: video clips a friend sent you, full length movies, TV shows or any type of live streaming video. We just want to sit back and enjoy watching it without any interruptions – right? But we all know that things just don’t always work out that way – do they? I’m guessing that many of you have a superfast internet connection, but your videos still take forever to load, keep getting stuck, the picture quality is not always great, even blurry at times, and the image freezes too often. That’s enough to get anyone off his mind…

Have we gone so far from the days of Eadweard James Muybridge’s first motion-picture projections to online video streaming for nothing? Well, No! But before we say another word, just watch this video and see how fast your videos can load and play with Speedbit Video Accelerator:

That’s right! Speedbit Video Accelerator accelerates your videos, so that your videos load faster and play smoother without those video freezes (buffering) we all know too well. Just download Speedbit Video Accelerator FREE and it will automatically accelerate your online videos.

Speedbit Video Accelerator supports over 165 video sites, including YouTube, Break, Yahoo Video, Facebook, AOL Video, Dailymotion, MySpace, Metacafe, ABC, CNN, ESPN, msnbc, Veoh, Heavy and many more.

With the Premium version, you also get High Definition (HD) video acceleration and iTunes download acceleration. See a feature comparison between the free and premium version.

What’s the magic behind Speedbit Video Accelerator?

The first thing you should know is that buffering happens when the video is played back faster than it is downloaded. There are two interdependent factors that determine your video experience:

1. Effective internet connection speed – This is your actual internet connection speed, which determines the data delivery speed.
2. Video delivery (throughput) rate – This is the rate of the actual flow of data from the video servers to your PC. It is determined by the physical distance between them, as well as by busy servers and congested areas along the way.

When the first is slower than the second, that is, when your effective connection speed is lower than the video’s throughput rate, the video cannot possibly play smoothly. However, just increasing the effective connection speed does not guarantee a smooth viewing experience, since busy servers and congested areas can still cause a drop in the video delivery throughput rate.

Speedbit Video Accelerator’s patented dynamic multi-thread streaming acceleration engine maximizes your effective internet connection speed (your REAL speed) by making sure you enjoy the full bandwidth you are paying for (your potential speed). It makes sure your REAL speed is as close as possible to your potential speed. In addition, by overcoming congested areas and busy servers, it also improves your video delivery throughput rate. As a result, buffering stops are eliminated and you can watch your videos smoothly.

The second thing you should be aware of is that low quality and blurry pictures are often a result of video sites reducing the quality of the picture in order to adapt it to a slow internet connection.

Speedbit Video Accelerator solves this by boosting your effective internet speed using its patented multi-channel technology. When this happens, the video site raises the quality of the video, letting you enjoy high quality videos.

Say “No!” to video buffering and frustrating online video experience.
Download Speedbit Video Accelerator and enjoy an ultimately smooth video streaming experience.

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