Black Friday Sale is Here!

Speedbit’s Black Friday sale is here again with amazing discounts of up to 85% on all premium accelerators. It’s a great (and rare!) chance to upgrade your download and video experience.

There are two types of Speedbit Premium Accelerators:

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) Premium – This download accelerator will make your downloads run fast and simple. Once you have it, Speedbit’s acceleration engine kicks in automatically every time you download something. You don’t have to do anything special, just keep downloading as you always do. The Premium version provides EXTREME acceleration, and is packed with extra features that will help you easily manage your downloads. Check out sale deals!

Speedbit Video Accelerator Premium – This video accelerator makes your online videos load faster and play smoothly. It gets rid of annoying video freezes and lets you watch online videos fast and easy. The Premium version also provides acceleration of high definition (HD) videos and is designed to accelerate iTunes downloads.
Check out sale deals!

Speedbit Black Friday Sale - 85% Discounts

Why is it worth it?

Because Speedbit’s accelerators are based on a unique technology that makes your downloads and videos run as fast as possible. Speedbit’s acceleration technology maximizes the bandwidth available to you. This may seem trivial, but you might be surprised to know that without a download accelerator, you are more likely to make use of just 16% of your bandwidth – read more.
Without a video accelerator, you are likely to experience endless buffering problems that will make your videos get stuck and give you an irritating video experience – read more.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your download and video experience:
Get your 85% Off discount today!
(Sale ends Dec. 3rd)

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2 Responses to Black Friday Sale is Here!

  1. Dewald says:

    I have purchased a DAP license two years running but is very reluctant to do so again. DAP keeps on hijacking my Chrome default search and new tab page. I change it back and after a reboot it is on Speedbit again! This is really a poor way of treating you loyal customers, please provide a permanent way of disabling this!!!

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