Sending large files from your iPhone

Sending photos and videos have made it so easy to share the moment with friends and loved ones. We can no longer see a funny sign, a cute cat, a baby’s first steps without rushing to take a photo and sending it to our friends. Now that smartphones have made it so easy, we really can’t hold ourselves back. But what if your file is really large (like a video, 3D animation, presentation or other document)? It will bounce back- right? That spoils all the fun…And what if you have multiple files to share (vacation photos, school project, a series of documents)? Sending one by one is obviously NOT an option… and using a storage service is costly and time-consuming.

This is the time to get acquainted with the new FileFlyer App. It’s a free app that lets you send large and multiple files from your mobile devices using Speedbit’s popular FileFlyer service.

FileFlyer App lets you share your photos and videos as soon as you take them, without worrying about the file size. Everything is done directly from your iPhone or iPad so you can just shoot and send!

You can send files as large as 2GB! There’s no hassles attached – no registration, no configurations, and no need to buy storage space. It’s fast, simple, and best of all – FREE.

Once you upload your file, a download link is sent to your friends. They can then click the download link (or scan the QR code if they have the FileFlyer App) to download and view your file.

Speedbit’s FileFlyer service is available both via the FileFlyer website, and the new FileFlyer App.

FileFlyer App - Sending large files from iPhone or iPad

Learn more about FileFlyer App

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