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Hey, do you know whose birthday it is today?
Hint: most famous picture – mad looking man with white hair and tongue sticking out.
Hint 2: E=MC2. That’s right – Albert Einstein was born 135 years ago today on March 14, 1879. The most famous scientist, no doubt, and with that picture in mind, perhaps also the basis for the stereotype of the mad scientist…

So what do we actually know about the man besides the fact that he was a great scientist? It’s quite amazing that even today (59 years after his death), there are endless videos about him floating around the web – educational, biographical, funny, very funny, not to mention hilarious videos… We gathered some of them for you so sit back and enjoy! Make sure you have Speedbit Video Accelerator, so you can watch these videos smoothly, without any pauses or breaks.

7 facts about Albert Einstein by JPD698


Queen Elizabeth and Albert Einstein by PodP Productions:


Albert Einstein as a Young and as an Older Man by Bill Angel


Ok, so we all know Einstein came up with the E=MC2 equation. But how many of you can clearly explain what it means? Take a look at this brilliant animated explanation by Eugene Khutoryansky, or settle for the short version by Animate Big. Make sure to download Speedbit Video Accelerator so you don’t miss all the great animation effects – it’s FREE!

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by Eugene Khutoryansky


Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – the short version by Animate Big


And one last video, just for fun…

PopArt Albert Einstein Portrait by KarolinaPelaityte

Hope these videos help you enjoy your week! Have a great one!
Find anything you like? Learn how to download online videos with just one click!

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  1. Ron K says:

    Nice videos over here, I also use SpeedBit and some other tricks I got here in this article about the best accelerators. I also use Torch Browser as it already has an in-built accelerator by default so no need to install or think about anything else.

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