Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart or SPEEDbit?

It’s Friday, It’s summer and it’s time to play that oldie favorite, ‘Who Tweet That!’

@justinbieber @MarthaStewart or a @SPEEDbit followers?  We show you three fun tweets for this past week, you write in our comment section who wrote what.  And yes, there are prizes too!

You get one month FREE of our SPEEDbit Video Accelerator (eliminating buffering and down time in online video watching.) And  Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) our download clients that kick your computer into acceleration mode with 400% faster downloads. It’s our SPEEDbit Acceleration Package

Twitter By petesimon

Here’s how it will go down (yes, down, it’s Friday!)

1. Follow us in @SPEEDbit channel on twitter.

2. In the comment below,  write who wrote which tweet.  It could be Justin, Mrs. Martha Stewart and/or one of our @SPEEDbit followers.

3. Entry period will be from Today, June 17, 2011 till June, 20 2011 10AM PST

Winner will be chosen at random and notified. We’ll give you two days to respond.

Here are the Tweets:

Tweet #1
Had arugula mozzarella, and marguerita pizza. It’s late and the kitchen is closed now. Tomorrow home depot, Canada a.m

Tweet #2
@jessicajarrell we miss you too. Pranks have been in full effect. See u next week maybe.

Tweet #3:
One minute it’s love and suddenly it’s a battlefield.

So, ‘Who Tweet That?’   Have a great weekend everyone!

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8 Responses to Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart or SPEEDbit?

  1. BelieberFan says:

    I’m a SPEEDbit and a Bieber fan! How did SPEEDbit choose which Tweets went up as part of this blog post?

  2. SPEEDbit says:

    Heya BieberFan21, mixing it up with different tweets from the online dialog.

    … Which one is Bieber?

  3. Novie says:

    hi, SPEEDbit!
    where’d I answers the quiz?
    right in this comment?

  4. SPEEDbit says:

    Yes Novie, here in our comments section.

  5. Becky says:

    1. SPEEDbit
    2. Martha
    3. Bieber


  6. MickyLA says:

    I think all r bieber-licious, right?

  7. SPEEDbit says:

    And the winner is… Becky!
    Congrats’ Miss Becky.
    Your one month FREE of our SPEEDbit Video Accelerator And Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) are making their way to you.

    See you in the next ‘Who Tweeted That?’

  8. kit says:

    Martha has to have written the Tweet about the pizza! Mmm…makes me hungry times 400. :)

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