#SPEEDtip: DAP Basket

SPEEDtip DAP Basket

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Hey fellow downloaders. We want to tell you about a great feature in Download Accelerator Plus (DAP). It’s called the Download Basket and it enables you to go to any site and drag and drop the file you want to download into the basket. DAP will do the rest. Fast! Just watch your files fly. You’ll gain all the benefits with the Download Basket that you have downloading the regular way. You can also change how prominent the basket should appear on your screen. It’s easy. Doesn’t get much easier than Drag n’ Drop!

It’s easy to enable the Download Basket. Just go to tools on the menu bar and choose “Download basket”. A little square icon with the SPEEDbit logo will appear on your screen. You can change how visible you want it to be by right clicking on the icon and choosing the opacity level. The higher the % level, the more prominently it will appear. When you go to a site and see a file you want to download, just drag the file and drop it into the basket. DAP will bring the file home from there. FAST!!

What’s the easiest way to Download files?
1. In your DAP menu choose Tools.
2. Scroll down to Download Basket and select.
3. Change the visibility and location of the basket – as you wish.
4. Drag the file and drop it into the basket directly from the website.
5. Done! Your file just started downloading.

So many downloads, so little time

On your DAP menu bar choose the Tools drop down.

Scroll down to Download basket and select.

Change the visibility of the basket.

Right click on the square icon with the SPEEDbit logo.

Select Basket opacity

Select the % of visibility you desire from the drop down.

Go to a site and see a file you want to download.

Just drag the file and drop it into the basket.

DAP will bring the file home from there. FAST!!

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4 Responses to #SPEEDtip: DAP Basket

  1. amanda says:

    I only use this to download stuff now, it is certainly speedy!

  2. JEFF says:

    i down loaded this i have uninstaled it but your still on my pc when i try to get on to the net the way i want i want yahoo to be my home page

    • SPEEDbit says:

      Hello Jeff,
      We are sorry you are running into this issue. SPEEDbit Search page is a webpage with Google search, offered to our users as a homepage, much like Google offers its toolbar users to make http://www.google.com the default homepage and make Google their default search. The settings and default search setting are simply browser settings that can be easily changed at any given time.
      Please visit: http://www.speedbit.com/faq/#faq32
      Our customer care team sent you an email as well to follow up this.

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