Impatience is a Virtue l Week of July 6th

No buffering with SPEEDbit Video Accelerator

SPEEDbit Video Accelerator puts the video magic back in your court.
Our 35 million active users are a living testament that there is A LOT of video watching out there. With SPEEDbit Video Accelerator we puts your video watching in enjoy mode and out of waiting mode while accelerating higher resolution videos with no buffering.

Below is a selection of YouTube videos that were accelerated these past few days. We included some old favorites plus two trending videos. Get an inside peak of what is being accelerated in communities on a global scale! What’s up. What’s down. What’s hot. What’s not. In the Video world. Enjoy!

Man vs. Katamari

Looks like this guy should have stuck to reading his mail and shouldn’t mess with a katamari. Kicking it just got him his due as it grows and rolls him over like a huge snowball.

FOOD with SAM: Recession BBQ

After Sam lives on Pizza for a month he decides to host a Recession Pizza BBQ. Inexpensive ingredients, good company and fantastically delicious pizza is the name of the game here. For less!! Yum!

The Way You Are

A beautiful duet of Ukelele and Guitar come together on a beautiful day. Honoring Valentine’s day and Birthdays! So nice.

Botox: Celebrity dermatologist

Trending NOW: Trending Video about Botox with Dr. Jessica Wu, dermatologist to the stars. This interview is part of Nadine Jolie Blog, a former beauty editor and author.

The Messiest Hotel Room at BlogHer

Trending NOW: Three girls, lots of clothing changes, makeup, some stuffed animals. ONE MESSY ROOM!! Curtesy of Susan and Janice from the always entertaining 5minutes for mom blog.

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5 Responses to Impatience is a Virtue l Week of July 6th

  1. Mindy says:

    Loved all these videos and they were all so different from each other! The duet made my heart melt, I really learned a lot from Dr. Wu in the Botox clip and as mommy myself, I’d love to have the chance to make a mess of my hotel room! Haha! Great SPEEDbit Acceleration choices

  2. andrew says:

    Super funny 5 minutes for Mom video! How does SPEEDbit find all the good ones?

  3. Kristabelle says:

    Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good information.

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