5 Ways to Start Off the New Year

Now that the holidays are over and the New Year celebrations have given their way to a daily routine, it’s time to make sure this year is off to a great start. You all have your New Year’s resolutions to keep (read 20 books this year – right???). But since we all spend a great chunk of our time on the internet, we thought we’d bring you some tips that will help you enjoy a fast and smooth internet experience. Here are 5 free ways that will save you a lot of the time and energy (so you have time to read those 20 books!!).

Watch videos without the wait

Put an end to all that waiting-around – all those moments you find yourself waiting for your videos to load and buffering to stop. Speedbit Video Accelerator accelerates your online videos so you can enjoy watching videos smoothly, without the wait. Once downloaded, the free software accelerates your videos automatically, so you can just sit back and enjoy your online videos. See how it works:


Easily convert videos to MP3 and other formats

Give yourself the flexibility to watch your favorite videos or listen to their music wherever you are. Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter lets you convert videos to any audio or video format, so you can easily play them on your iPad, iPhone, iPod and other mobile devices. With this free software you can download the video directly from your browser and quickly convert it to your preferred format (MP3, MP4, MOV, 3GP, WMV, SWF, FLV, AVI and MKV).

Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter screenshot


Accelerate download speed

Treat yourself to a speedy download experience. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) accelerates your download speed so your files are downloaded fast and easy. Once downloaded, this free software accelerates your downloads automatically, making sure to maximize the bandwidth available to you. Just continue downloading as you always do and let DAP speed up your downloads.

Accelerate Download Speed - Download Accelerator Plus download window screenshot


Preview videos while downloading

Save time by playing your videos as soon as they start downloading. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) lets you preview your audio and video files while downloading, so you can both enjoy watching them instantly and make sure you are downloading the right content. Learn more

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - Video Preview Screenshot


Download and convert videos directly from YouTube

Quickly download and convert videos from YouTube with a click of a button. With DAP 10, you can download videos directly from YouTube via DAP buttons located on the video page. Just one click and you can enjoy the video anywhere, anytime and on any device. Learn more

Download and convert videos from YouTube


Treat yourself to a speedy internet experience this year!
Happy New Year everyone!

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Accelerating Downloads in Your own Language

Today’s post is dedicated to all those people whose first language is NOT English.
Did you know that you can use Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) in your own language? Just click the Language menu in DAP’s main window and select your language.
DAP then restarts and the language interface changes.

Learn more about changing DAP’s language

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - Select a language

Not only that, but you can help translate DAP to any language. That’s right – Thanks to our dedicated users, DAP is now available in 48 languages, and more are being translated as we speak. So let’s have it, a big congratulations to our Wiki Translation Community which contributed the following translations!

Bahasa Indonesia
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Argentina)
Spanish (Mexico)

Did you notice the names of the contributing users on DAP?
They appear once on the “Translated by” window that shows up when DAP restarts with the new language interface. And second, on DAP’s About window (click the Help menu and select About to see it).

Take a look at the full impressive list of contributing users!

If you don’t see your language, then perhaps it’s your cue to join the Speedbit Wiki Translation Community and help translate DAP to your language!

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Black Friday Sale is Here!

Speedbit’s Black Friday sale is here again with amazing discounts of up to 85% on all premium accelerators. It’s a great (and rare!) chance to upgrade your download and video experience.

There are two types of Speedbit Premium Accelerators:

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) Premium – This download accelerator will make your downloads run fast and simple. Once you have it, Speedbit’s acceleration engine kicks in automatically every time you download something. You don’t have to do anything special, just keep downloading as you always do. The Premium version provides EXTREME acceleration, and is packed with extra features that will help you easily manage your downloads. Check out sale deals!

Speedbit Video Accelerator Premium – This video accelerator makes your online videos load faster and play smoothly. It gets rid of annoying video freezes and lets you watch online videos fast and easy. The Premium version also provides acceleration of high definition (HD) videos and is designed to accelerate iTunes downloads.
Check out sale deals!

Speedbit Black Friday Sale - 85% Discounts

Why is it worth it?

Because Speedbit’s accelerators are based on a unique technology that makes your downloads and videos run as fast as possible. Speedbit’s acceleration technology maximizes the bandwidth available to you. This may seem trivial, but you might be surprised to know that without a download accelerator, you are more likely to make use of just 16% of your bandwidth – read more.
Without a video accelerator, you are likely to experience endless buffering problems that will make your videos get stuck and give you an irritating video experience – read more.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your download and video experience:
Get your 85% Off discount today!
(Sale ends Dec. 3rd)

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Making the Most of Your Download Manager

We all download something at least once a day. Whether it is a 15KB Word document we receive by email, 2.5MB software we download from sites like download.com, a 60MB music album we download from iTunes, or a 10MB video we download from YouTube.

And we all have our download habits. Some like to download things as they see them, some prefer to gather all their downloads to a certain time of day, and some may prefer to download heavy files late at night. There are endless patterns. Whether you download all day long or just occasionally, you too have your preferences. Well, it’s time to let DAP know! Here are some examples of how you can set DAP to best suit your download habits.

Pause, Resume and Schedule Downloads

DAP gives you the flexibility to download your files immediately or schedule them to download at a later time. To download files immediately, just click on any download link or click the Add button on DAP’s main window. The DAP download window automatically opens and all you have to do is click Save to start downloading the file.

Pause and Resume

If you change your mind and prefer to download the file later, click the arrow next to the Save button and choose Download later. You can also change your mind while download is already in progress by clicking the Cancel button on the download window.

In both cases, the file is then added to your list of paused downloads, and can be resumed from the exact same point whenever you wish. You can choose to resume all your paused downloads or just one by selecting the file and clicking the Resume or Resume All buttons at the top of DAP’s main window.

Learn more about the pausing and resuming downloads

Pause and Resume Downloads

DAP Scheduler

If you are one of those people who like to download your files at regular times or have a specific file that you wish to download at a certain time, DAP Scheduler is the way to go.

To add a file to the list of scheduled downloads, click on any download link or click the Add button on DAP’s main window. On the window that appears, click the arrow next to the Save button and choose Schedule. You can also add any paused download to your list of scheduled downloads by right clicking on the file name in DAP’s main window and choosing Scheduled Download.

Next, you need to set your DAP scheduler preferences. To do so, click Tools on DAP’s main window, choose Options and then select Scheduler from the menu on the left. You can set DAP scheduler to start downloading the current list at a certain time (one-time schedule). Or, you can set your scheduler to work on a regular basis at specific days and times (for example, every day at 9am). You can even set your computer to disconnect or shut down once your scheduled downloads are done.

Learn more about DAP Scheduler

DAP Scheduler

Download Basket

Some of you might like the drag-n’-drop way of downloading files. In that case, you should enable the DAP download basket. The download basket floats on your screen, so you can just drag the files you wish to download into the basket. No need to open DAP, no need to copy and paste URLs. All it takes is just drag-n’-drop and you get all the benefits of Download Accelerator Plus. You can also adjust how prominent the basket looks on your screen.

To enable/disable the Download basket click Tools and then choose Download basket.

Learn more about DAP Download Basket

DAP Download basket

Simultaneous Downloads

Those of you who like to immediately download things as soon as they find them, may want to adjust DAP’s simultaneous downloads settings. Although DAP lets you simultaneously download any numbers of files, you should know that downloading too many files at once affects the download speed. This doesn’t mean that you need to change your habits in order to enjoy DAP’s ultimate accelerated download speed. You can just set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads. Once DAP reaches this number, it adds any additional download to the download queue and then downloads one file after the other. Once you limit the number of simultaneous downloads, you can continue downloading things as you see them while DAP manages your downloads for you and ensures that you get the best possible speed.

To define the number of simultaneous downloads click Tools on DAP’s main window, choose Options and then select Connection from the menu on the left. In the Max simultaneous downloads section, select the maximum number of files you wish to be downloaded at once.

Learn more about Simultaneous Downloads

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)  - Simultaneous Downloads

There’s no right or wrong way to download, but we all have our downloading preferences. So let DAP know your download habits and make the most of your download manager!

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While You Download…

Downloading is a simple one-click action, but knowing a few extra tips and tricks could make your life a whole lot easier. Wouldn’t it be nice to know whether your files are safe BEFORE you finish downloading and attempt to open them? How about those videos you are anxious to see – did you know that you can preview them as soon as they start downloading? Today’s post is dedicated to some great things you can do with Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) while you download.

Download Security

Downloading safe is probably the first concern of heavy and light downloaders alike. We all want to protect our computers by keeping our downloads virus-clean – right? Our computers carry almost our entire life these days – important documents, family photos, personal sensitive information, and perhaps even our bank information. So you will be glad to know that with DAP’s Multi Antivirus Security add-on, you get an extra layer of security. As soon as you start downloading, DAP provides you with security alerts about your files. Your files are tested by multiple antivirus programs ensuring multi-layered protection for files you download with DAP. The security alerts are posted directly on DAP’s download window, so you don’t have to wait until download is complete to know whether your file is Trusted, Potentially Unwanted or a High Risk file.

Learn how to enable DAP’s Multi Antivirus Security add-on

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - Download Safe

Video Preview

This add-on lets you play your videos while you download them. Just click the Video Preview link that is located directly on DAP’s download window. That’s it – you don’t have to wait anymore for download to finish before enjoying those funny videos, not to mention waste time on downloading the wrong video… DAP lets you watch your videos as soon as you start downloading them.

Learn more about DAP’s Video Preview add-on

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - Video Preview

Zip Preview

Zip files are always a mystery. You don’t know what you get until you extract them. Normally, you can only extract them after you finish downloading, but DAP lets you preview them while download is in progress. Previewing compressed zip files gives you more control over the files you download – you can make sure you are downloading what you think you are downloading…

DAP Premium users can even choose to extract all or part of the files and further upgrade their download experience.

Learn more about the Zip Preview add-on

DAP Link Checker

DAP Link Checker gives you information about your file even before you start downloading, so you can decide whether or not to download it. Once enabled, DAP Link Checker is added to your browser and displays a status icon next to every download link. This icon lets you quickly spot which links are available and which are broken. If you hover over the icon, a window will appear with additional information about the file you are about to download (name, size, URL, status). This way you can make sure your file is online and don’t have to waste time on files that have been removed or expired.

Learn how to enable DAP Link Checker

Downlaod Accelerator Plus (DAP) - Link checker

All these features are part of the DAP 10 add-on system that lets you customize DAP as you wish. Learn more about enabling and disabling add-ons

So now that you learned a few new tricks, go ahead and try them out! Don’t forget to share them with your friends and feel free to leave us comments below.

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How to Make Speed an Everyday Reality – Part III
Converting Videos to MP3 Music Files

We continue our quest for speed…
We started off our journey with speeding up our video watching experiences: first by introducing video download options for all those videos you like to watch over and over, and second by introducing a video acceleration solution for online videos and live streaming videos. This time let’s talk about ways to convert videos to MP3 music files.

Videos have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. I mean, try to count the number of online videos you watch a day? Or better, count the days you DON’T watch videos online? Not many, right? So it is only natural that we find ourselves humming the music of those videos while we go on with our daily tasks. Even in this world of mobile-everything, we can’t always afford the time and money needed to play the music of online videos while we jog, drive, ride the train, eat, sleep, work and so on. What we need is a way to convert those videos to MP3 files so we can just play them whenever we want on our iPhone, iPod or any other music player. That way, we can just click “play” when we want to listen to the music – No need to connect to the internet, no need to search for the video each time, no need to experience a pause each time the video gets stuck, no need to rely on the quality of the video streaming. We can just listen to the music anytime, no matter where we are.

So here are three ways in which you can easily convert any online video to MP3:

  1. Convert Videos to MP3 with Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
  2. Convert Videos to MP3 directly from YouTube using DAP’s Convert Video button
  3. Convert Videos to MP3 with Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter

For the first two options, you need to install DAP.
For the third option, you will need Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter.
All three options offer fast download and conversion speed, so you get your music fast and simple.

Converting Videos to MP3 with DAP

It’s as easy as downloading any file with DAP, but there is a long way and a short way to do it. The long way takes two clicks. The short way takes one click, once you have the Download MP3 add-on installed. For both ways, you should make sure you are using DAP 10. Let’s start with the short way for all you people who will be using this option often. On our quest for real speed, every extra click matters – right?

The One-Click Way: DAP’s Download MP3 Add-on

The short way requires the Download MP3 add-on, but once you install it, all you have to do is click the Download MP3 button on DAP’s main window and DAP will do all the work for you. DAP will even add the MP3 file to your iTunes library. Installing the add-on is no big deal either. Just click the Get Add-ons button at the top of DAP’s main window and then click the Install button next to Download MP3. Click Restart DAP to complete the add-on installation.

Learn more about DAP’s Download MP3 add-on

Download MP3 files with DAP

The Two-Click Way: DAP’s Convert Video Feature

The “long” way does the same in two steps: First you download the video by clicking the Download Video button on DAP’s main window. Second, you convert the downloaded video by right-clicking on the video name, choosing Convert and selecting MP3. You can also choose other video formats from the list (MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, 3GP, MPG, WEBM, M2TS, AAC, WAV, WMA, OGG).

Learn how to convert videos to MP3 via DAP

Convert videos to any format with DAP

Converting Videos to MP3 straight from YouTube

Once you have Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 10 installed, you will see the DAP Download and Convert buttons below any video on YouTube. Just click the Convert to button and select MP3 or MP4 to instantly download the video as an MP3/MP4 file.

Learn more about how to convert videos to MP3 directly from YouTube

Convert Videos from YouTube to MP3

Convert Videos to MP3 with Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter

If you wish to be able to download and convert videos to MP3 music files from ANY video site directly from your browser, this option is for you. Once you install Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter, you will see a Download Video icon flashing on your browser every time you play an online video. Just click the flashing icon to download the video. Once downloaded, click the Convert button that appears on the Download Complete window and select MP3 from the list. The video is instantly converted to MP3.

See how Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter works

Convert Videos to MP3 with Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter

So there you have it – three simple ways to turn your favorite videos to MP3 music files in no time. Did I mention they are all absolutely FREE? They are! And they bring us another step ahead in making SPEED an everyday reality.

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How to Make Speed an Everyday Reality – Part II

In the first part of this post we began our journey to REALLY enjoy speed. It was dedicated to those videos you find yourself watching again and again – whether it is one of those videos you just can’t stop watching and love to share with friends, or whether it is the video’s music that you want to be able to listen to anytime, or maybe it’s just a video you wish to play on the road and can’t rely on access to the internet. You can save yourself time and energy by downloading and converting the video to any audio or video format. I introduced two options by Speedbit that let you do this fast and simple: Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) and Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter. The first option is embedded in your DAP download manager; the second option lets you download and convert videos directly from your browser. Both provide an easy way to download videos with just a click of a button, the fastest download speed, and the option to convert the video to any video or audio format.

Now, let’s continue on our quest for REAL speed…

This time, let’s talk about those videos you want to watch but don’t necessarily want to save onto your computer: video clips a friend sent you, full length movies, TV shows or any type of live streaming video. We just want to sit back and enjoy watching it without any interruptions – right? But we all know that things just don’t always work out that way – do they? I’m guessing that many of you have a superfast internet connection, but your videos still take forever to load, keep getting stuck, the picture quality is not always great, even blurry at times, and the image freezes too often. That’s enough to get anyone off his mind…

Have we gone so far from the days of Eadweard James Muybridge’s first motion-picture projections to online video streaming for nothing? Well, No! But before we say another word, just watch this video and see how fast your videos can load and play with Speedbit Video Accelerator:

That’s right! Speedbit Video Accelerator accelerates your videos, so that your videos load faster and play smoother without those video freezes (buffering) we all know too well. Just download Speedbit Video Accelerator FREE and it will automatically accelerate your online videos.

Speedbit Video Accelerator supports over 165 video sites, including YouTube, Break, Yahoo Video, Facebook, AOL Video, Dailymotion, MySpace, Metacafe, ABC, CNN, ESPN, msnbc, Veoh, Heavy and many more.

With the Premium version, you also get High Definition (HD) video acceleration and iTunes download acceleration. See a feature comparison between the free and premium version.

What’s the magic behind Speedbit Video Accelerator?

The first thing you should know is that buffering happens when the video is played back faster than it is downloaded. There are two interdependent factors that determine your video experience:

1. Effective internet connection speed – This is your actual internet connection speed, which determines the data delivery speed.
2. Video delivery (throughput) rate – This is the rate of the actual flow of data from the video servers to your PC. It is determined by the physical distance between them, as well as by busy servers and congested areas along the way.

When the first is slower than the second, that is, when your effective connection speed is lower than the video’s throughput rate, the video cannot possibly play smoothly. However, just increasing the effective connection speed does not guarantee a smooth viewing experience, since busy servers and congested areas can still cause a drop in the video delivery throughput rate.

Speedbit Video Accelerator’s patented dynamic multi-thread streaming acceleration engine maximizes your effective internet connection speed (your REAL speed) by making sure you enjoy the full bandwidth you are paying for (your potential speed). It makes sure your REAL speed is as close as possible to your potential speed. In addition, by overcoming congested areas and busy servers, it also improves your video delivery throughput rate. As a result, buffering stops are eliminated and you can watch your videos smoothly.

The second thing you should be aware of is that low quality and blurry pictures are often a result of video sites reducing the quality of the picture in order to adapt it to a slow internet connection.

Speedbit Video Accelerator solves this by boosting your effective internet speed using its patented multi-channel technology. When this happens, the video site raises the quality of the video, letting you enjoy high quality videos.

Say “No!” to video buffering and frustrating online video experience.
Download Speedbit Video Accelerator and enjoy an ultimately smooth video streaming experience.

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How to Make Speed an Everyday Reality

There, it happened again – you suddenly think of this great video you watched on the web and you just have to show it to your friends NOW. You tell them: “You gotta see this!”. But Oh, there’s no internet connection around or maybe there is, but you just can’t remember where you saw that video…or maybe you DO remember, but when you play it for them the picture freezes and your friends lose interest.

How often does that happen? Errr…all the time, right?
Let’s face it – the internet has made the human kind a very impatient species.
What’s the name of that actor in that movie? We run to search it on the Web…
What’s the theme song on that TV show we grew up on? We quickly find it on YouTube…
What’s the music playing in that funny video? We run to play it online…

When we want something, we want it now and fast! But come to think of it, we spend hours searching for that one video, or waiting for that frozen video to start playing again. SPEED is the magic word. When we don’t get it we get REALLY frustrated.

So we are going to spend the next few posts on introducing features of Speedbit’s products that can make speed part of your everyday life, rather than a longed for fantasy.

Let’s begin with that video you just have to show your friends. What if you downloaded your favorite video and saved it on your computer? I know, you’re thinking that would take forever. But actually, it only takes one click with Download Accelerator Plus or Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter. And well, you already know that with Speedbit you always get the fastest possible download speed.

Speedbit offers two great options to download and convert your videos fast and simple:

  1. Download and Convert videos directly from Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
  2. Download and Convert videos with Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter

Downloading Videos and Converting Videos with DAP

It’s pretty much the same as downloading any file with DAP. Just copy and paste the video URL or click the Download Video button you see at the top of DAP’s main window. The video is then downloaded at accelerated speed and saved on your computer. Once downloaded, you can convert the video to any video or audio format by right-clicking on the video name and selecting Convert.

You can convert the video to MP3 music files or choose a format that suits your iPad/iPhone so you have it with you wherever you go. Now you can share your favorite videos with your friends anywhere, anytime.

Learn how to download and convert videos with DAP

Download and Convert Videos with DAP

Downloading Videos with Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter

Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter makes it even easier to download and convert videos. First, it lets you download and convert videos directly from your browser. It only takes one click, saving you that extra copy&paste action that other video downloaders make you go through. Second, it supports more video sites than any other video downloader. And third, it’s 100% free.

So how does it work? Once you download Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter, you will see a flashing Download Video icon on your browser every time you watch a video on the web. Click it and the video will be downloaded at accelerated speed using Speedbit’s patented multi-channel acceleration engine.

When download is complete, you can choose to convert the video to any format. You can choose a video format to save it as a video, or an audio format (like MP3) to save it as a music file.

See how Speedbit Video Downloader and Converter works

Download and Convert Videos Free

So next time you have the urge to share a video with your friends NOW, all you have to do is play it for them. Don’t waste your time on trying to remember where you saw the video, or waiting for that frozen video to continue playing again – just open your files and play the video.

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