Speedbit helping Comcast download a 4.2 GB file in just a few seconds

It’s not just us – SPEED is troubling the minds of huge communication companies like Comcast. Unveiling the company’s technological innovations, Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, speaks of the importance of speed in his keynote speech at 2013 NCTA in Washington DC on June 11th.

Roberts demonstrates how he downloads a 4.2 GB video file in just 7 seconds. A few years ago, he says, this would have taken about 10 minutes. Well, guess where’s that Speed-boosting magic coming from? Yup, you got it! Speedbit and Comcast teamed up for this keynote demo and its Speedbit’s patented multi threads streaming acceleration engine that enabled this great result – boosting speed to 3.28 GBps! Here it is – Watch the video:

Making the most of your Bandwidth

Speedbit patented multi threads streaming acceleration makes the most efficient use of the available bandwidth. It may sound trivial, but the fact is that there’s a significant gap between the bandwidth you pay for (“the size of the pipe”) and the speed of data that actually flows within it. Today, one hardly ever makes a true full use of the potential bandwidth without an acceleration engine. Speedbit’s patented multi parallel channels technology helps overcome the slowest segments in the delivery path driving up the data flow speed. Speedbit makes your device open additional communication channels that are capable of bypassing the slow segments, boosting the data flow speed. In addition, Speedbit mirroring service may identify additional faster sources for the content you are seeking and use multiple channels to such additional sources (publicly available servers) further driving up the data flow speed to as high as your connection allows.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), the most popular download manager and accelerator, accelerates downloads using Speedbit’s patented multi thread technology. When you attempt to download a file, Speedbit’s dynamic acceleration engine kicks in, downloading the file at the best possible download speed.

Speedbit Video Accelerator uses Speedbit’s technology to speed up the data streaming rate by using multi dynamic streams that make optimal use of the available bandwidth. The result is higher video quality and no buffering, letting you watch online videos smoothly.

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Speedbit is Celebrating 300 Million Installs

300 million! Can you grasp that number? 300 million installs is an amazing milestone for us. Speedbit is thus joining a very respectable group of a very few publishers that have reached global popularity of great magnitude such as Skype.

“I am very excited to see Speedbit reaching such a huge popularity” said Idan Feigenbaum, Speedbit founder and CTO, “I remember the days when I coded the first version of DAP in my parents garage, I tried to solve my own download speed pains and I ended up helping out many millions around the world who share the same pains – this is a truly great feeling”.

“This is a great achievement by a great team who share a vision and a passion to lift the barriers that prevent everyone from really getting the speed and performance they are paying for” said Ariel Yarnitsky, Speedbit CEO “such barriers are getting bigger when going mobile and we are determined to lift those speed barriers for mobile users around the world”.

 Why do we need an acceleration engine? 

As bandwidth grows, the need for tools that allow consumers to effectively use such bandwidth is ever so high. Having an acceleration engine on a device (computer, mobile device) is the only way to make sure data flow to the device will be truly effective. Without an acceleration engine, one will hardly ever make a true full use of the bandwidth at hand, especially when connected to a super-fast / fiber connection.

Research has shown that:

• A user with a 10mbps connection effectively gets on average only 1.6 mbps of bandwidth – effective bandwidth of just 16%… *

• Upgrading from a 5mbps connection to a 10mbps will end up in 5% improvement (instead of the anticipated 100% improvement) *

• Adding more bandwidth is hitting the law of diminishing returns – without an acceleration engine a user, in real life conditions, will hardly ever enjoy speeds above 20mbps, even if his connection shows a 100 mbps on a speed test.

• Testing for speed on speed test sites shows the true potential speed of the connection but NOT the real life speed. The reason is that speed tests use multi thread to accelerate the data delivery during the test. Speedbit lets you use multi thread technology ALL THE TIME, not just during the test – so your real life speed with Speedbit will be as high as the speed you get when running speed tests.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the speed revolution!!!

Check out our special sale prices!

And don’t worry – we won’t let the success affect us. We will keep on giving you the best products and the best service support and don’t forget best sales and deals!

Accelerate your downloads on the web with Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) – the most popular download manager and accelerator. DAP organizes your downloads and kicks in seamlessly when you attempt to download a file. It will then use its dynamic acceleration engine to download the very same file using multi channels, from the original source as well as other publicly available sources (if such exist) to make the best possible use of the bandwidth available to you for the fastest possible download time. DAP has many more features to help you with your downloads, be it an application, data, video or anything else you want to download.

Enjoy higher quality web videos and stop video buffering with Speedbit Video Accelerator – Speedbit’s patented acceleration for web video streaming technology speeds up the data streaming rate by using multi dynamic streams that make optimal use of the available bandwidth. As a result of the superior streaming speeds the video quality on many video sites will adapt and become higher. In addition, due to the higher streaming speeds buffering stops will be eliminated letting you watch videos smoothly. Premium users also enjoy iTunes download acceleration. Join us in our celebration and boost your internet speed. Check out our 300 Million Installs Sale , and get over 50% off on our Premium Accelerators!

* Information via Google


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5 Great last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Does your Valentine’s Day kit include roses and chocolate and jewelry? Or did you forget the date and you plan to pick up something at the gas station? Don’t worry – here are some smart, funny and romantic ideas for gifts and gestures you can get or do it yourself – Fast, Easy and absolutely great!

Secret Love blog on Tumblr
If you enjoy downloading files, music, videos or pictures etc., you can use Tumblr as a “scrapbook” for all those lovely things you found, and share that with your loved one. Love songs, romantic sentences, pics of you as a couple and memories from the things you did together. You can get all the technical details in this “how to” article.

Make a loving mixtape
Looking for a faster and easier way to show you care? NO PROBLEM… we got you covered! In this link you can find a lovely idea for an online MIXTAPE, just like in the not-so-far-ago old times – but with a nice twist.


Funky Etsy stuff
Etsy.com is an online marketplace and community, where you can find items that were hand made by people, not factories. That means that some of the items you find there are really unique, and you can always find there a designed product that will make you, or your spouse, go “ohhh” and “ahhh”. Here are the latest surprising Valentine’s Day items, from matching iPhone cases to a personalized chalkboard.

My geeky valentine
Is your spouse spending too much time on Facebook? Are they addicted to their iPhone ? Is he a Star Wars freak or a fantasy geek? In this gallery you can find some cute and funny Valentine cards that carry techy or geeky messages.

The Big Board

And if you are looking for inspiration, there is no better place to find it than PINTEREST.com, of course. Look at all the valentine and love boards you can find there in one click. Whether you are trying to write a poem or design a secret love blog on Tumblr… you just can’t miss with Pinterest! Lots and lots of love sentences, cute and sassy pics and romantic gestures you can do at the big V-day.

Are you feeling ready to show the love? Have fun and don’t forget – We have the best Valentine’s Day offer on the web! Much better than all the roses and Teddy bears. Dont miss out!

Speedbit Special Valentine's Offer

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Internet 101 – Historic Attempts to improve Download Speed

How does a download accelerator work? Are there other ways to achieve the same improvements in download speed? We saw in recent articles how the internet works and why download speed can be restricted. Here we look over some of the solutions and the technology that makes these products work.

Internet connections are managed through the TCP/IP port on your computer. This is a fantastic piece of technology that enables two computers to communicate with one another. However, one thing that this protocol is not fantastic at is transferring data in high volume. Of course you could blame the technicians and designers of this port but in all fairness this would be like blaming the guy who invented the wheel for not anticipating the development of the automobile. The internet is one of the most consumer-led environments and who could anticipate from the outset the technological developments that would drive internet use in the 21st century.

However, the reasons the protocol isn’t the most efficient for download speed is not really because of a design flaw but rather because, the internet is one giant chain, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Or in the case of internet video download, as fast as its slowest link. So what solutions have been offered to improve download speed?

Improving Download Speed with a New Port

In the past there have been attempts to design a new port for hi-speed downloads but as good as this may have been in principle, this approach ran into a problem. Like anything communication-related, for it to work you need the matching device at both ends of the loop. If either the receiver or sender installed the new port, it made no difference to video download speed because everyone else was still using the existing technology. The end result was that the new technologies never reached a critical mass and so despite offering theoretical improvements and specific solutions to specific problems, they were never able to demonstrate improvements on a wide enough scale to become the industry standard and were abandoned.

Download Managers and Accelerators

This left the field open for download managers which contain download acceleration software and sit alongside existing browsers. Using an internet accelerator doesn’t accelerate the speed of you connection but rather increases video download speed by optimizing the performance of the existing technology.

SPEEDbit Download Accelerator

SPEEDbit’s download accelerator technology works by splitting the data to be transferred into smaller segments and uses patented multi-channel technology. To put this in simple terms, this technology improves download speed by making the process more efficient. Instead of sending requests one at time, multiple requests are sent simultaneously. The result — video download speed is improved dramatically. Naturally, the technology also works in reverse and upload speeds are also optimized to be much quicker.

The technology which SPEEDbit has developed is able to improve not just download speed but the acceleration engine is also able to work in conjunction with streaming sites, so whether you’re streaming video from sites such as YouTube, Veoh, Facebook or DailyMotion, the experience is frustration-free.

Overall, the best solution for increased download speed is not simply to purchase a faster connection from your ISP, rather you should use a download accelerator package such as SPEEDbit’s Download Accelerator Plus in conjunction with your connection to optimize download performance.


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Video Accelerator Goes Mobile! See the Results for Yourself

Companies offering video accelerator technology might seem like they’re selling you something you don’t really need. This is especially so in terms of mobile communications. After all, mobile phones are hot gadgets, they’re ultra modern and brimming with the latest technology. Well think again…

Mobile phones were developed with one use in mind talking to people without having to be in a specific place. The advance of technology led to the inclusion of additional functions and although we’re still waiting for a mobile phone that will make you a cup of tea, the additional functions that are now standard issue were added to the package on an ad-hoc basis and that means that there’s plenty of room for improvement.

If you think it’s amazing to have a camera, an app that can tell you what song you’re listening to on the radio, mobile internet access with the ability to watch video from YouTube, all on a machine that fits into your pocket, you’re right. What goes alongside this is a feeling that these ultra-modern, hi-tech appliances are doing everything the best that they can and this is where we’re slightly mistaken.

Just as the internet from your PC can benefit from video accelerator technology, the same is true for your mobile phone. This is simply because the internet works on the same principles regardless of the device you’re using to connect. We know how to accelerate video downloads from a PC and the technology works just as well in a mobile phone.

The good news is that mobile manufacturers have got wise to the notion that video accelerator technology actually works and they’ve begun to embed this technology into their handsets. In recent tests, a mobile device equipped with built-in SPEEDbit video acceleration was an incredible five times quicker at downloading video from YouTube as compared to a standard mobile.

But don’t just take our word for it; check out this short YouTube clip. Using our video accelerator technology means that watching this clip and any other video from YouTube will be much less frustrating.

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Video Download: Spot the Difference

Even if you’re not already using a download accelerator or equivalent package to boost your video download speed for video from youtube or other video streaming sites, then you’ve probably already heard of the idea.

The concept itself is pretty straightforward, there’s a type of software that you can download which claims that you can speed up your internet connection’s download performance. The question is whether this actually makes a significant difference to your video download and video streaming speeds.

Independent tests of SPEEDbit’s video accelerator have shown that the technology behind SPEEDbit’s Video Accelerator provides a remarkable improvement in streaming video from youtube and other sites. The good news is that the same technology is also the basis for SPEEDit’s Download Accelerator Plus 10 which speeds up video downloads.

For those who might be skeptical as per the benefits to video download and video streaming from using our software, check out the youtube video from webvideouniversity.com


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Internet 101 – Fast Internet What’s My Real Speed?

This is the first in a three-part series where we explore some of the technical problems with delivering fast-downloads and ever faster internet speeds. If you’ll pardon the pun, have we hit the buffers?

The worldwide web has come a long way from the early days of dial-up connections.  Upgrades in telecommunications infrastructure and computer processing speeds have led to much faster connections, greater network capacity, which has built consumer pressure for files in much higher resolution and faster downloading and streaming of full-length movies. That things have moved and improved is beyond dispute, but even with the fastest internet connection you’re still likely to experience the annoying buffering whilst streaming a video on sites such as YouTube. With users continuing to demand increasingly fast download speeds and less waiting time, why does this happen and what’s the solution?

Fast Video Download Speeds?

Browse the websites of any internet service provider (ISP) or glance at their advertisements and you’ll see connection speeds of 100mb or more being advertised but let’s get straight to the point; this isn’t the effective speed of your connection.

Let’s be clear, no-one is suggesting that the ISP’s are pulling a confidence trick- the speed measured is accurate. The standard measured is the speed of the connection between your computer and your ISP’s servers but in practice this isn’t the only factor which results in the speed of your internet downloads. The problem isn’t deceitful behavior from ISP’s. After all, they are measuring accurately; the only thing is that they are measuring the first leg in a long journey.

Research by Google has shown that on a 10 megabyte line, the average performance they were able to work at is 1.6mb, which means that 84% of capacity is lost. Furthermore, whilst you may think that doubling your connection speed will double your download speed, Google established that on average you gain a 5% increase in performance when moving from say a 5mb to a 10mb connection. So if you’re looking for faster video downloads then upgrading your connection alone simply isn’t the solution.

The reason that upgrading your connection doesn’t really solve the problem is because the main problem isn’t the bandwidth, i.e. the capacity of your connection but rather latency on the line. Latency is the time it takes for a request to be sent from your computer to its destination and back again. Naturally, the further your computer from its destination, the longer this round-trip will take. Increasing bandwidth doesn’t address the issue of latency at all and if all you are doing is increasing the bandwidth, the law of diminishing marginal returns comes into effect. Indeed, SPEEDbit’s own research data shows that the difference in maximum download and upload speeds gained from a 100mb connection is negligible when compared to the speeds achieved on a 20mb line.

The failure to achieve optimal performance is also explained in part by the historical way that the system works. Data (sent in packets) is traditionally sent in single requests; only once the previous request has been completed can the next be sent. If this seems to be just a little bit 1970s, but too much moustache and not enough disco; well that’s because it is.

The standard communication ports and protocols in a home computer were not designed for the function of large-scale data transfer, yet this is how people have ended up using the internet. Whilst there is a way to use the standard communication protocols differently, the operating systems that interface with the TCP/IP continue to use the traditional system and this alone results in a significant loss of performance.

There is a way to mitigate the loss of speed but that doesn’t involve merely upgrading to a “faster” connection because as the research has shown faster connections above 20mb aren’t actually significantly faster at doing what people want the internet to do.

Local Solutions: Download Manager

The internet can be likened to the public water system. Water is pumped all over the city being divided up by the different users along its way, who are all connected to the same system. If you measure the pressure at source you’ll get a fantastic reading but that doesn’t help the guy who sees little more than a dribble when he turns on the tap. The internet is similar. Take a reading of the connection between your computer and your ISP and the figures look great but this is only measuring the first leg in the journey. When you want to download video the signal must pass through several servers (there can be often be 40 or more stages- called hops- from your computer to the server from which you are downloading). By time the signal has made its way from your house and back again the actual speed is much slower. Additionally you are restricted to the speed at which the slowest server is operating (we’ll discuss this in more detail in part two).

The fellow waiting to fill his tub doesn’t complain to the water company, so long as something is coming out of the faucet, because they can’t do anything. He calls a plumber who comes to fit a pump to the pipes in his home. Internet users need to find a similar solution because however good the connection speeds are from you to your ISP, the download speed you work with never comes anywhere close.

A solution that can increase download speeds significantly (the overall level of improvement depends on the starting point) is SPEEDbit’s Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) software.  DAP is the next generation of internet communication; you don’t need to overhaul your hardware rather DAP makes your computer work smarter. Essentially, if you’re paying for a connection of more than 20mb and not using Download Accelerator Plus then you are far from getting value for money (skeptics please note: the basic version of our latest release is free to download and use and to date in excess of 250 million users have downloaded our software in its various incarnations).

In the upcoming section we’ll look at some of the other reasons that could be slowing down your internet connection and what you can do about it. Section three will look at the technological advances in download manager and download accelerator software.

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Impatience is a Virtue | Week of September 13

The Door to Hell The Gamescom Experience Secret to Time Travel

Wait for the bus. Wait for what’s cooking. But don’t wait after your downloads! We’re here so you don’t have to wait! With SPEEDbit you can just let your videos play smoothly without any choppiness and enjoy life with all the time you saved. No more breaking your head on how to go around these problems. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all tried pressing that pause button and coming back later to see if that video is finally all here. You have too many things to do to enjoy life, you don’t need to wait after your Internet.

SPEEDbit: Impatience is a virtue SPEEDbit: Impatience is a virtue SPEEDbit: Impatience is a virtue SPEEDbit: Impatience is a virtue

Wait for the bus. Wait for what’s cooking. But don’t wait after your downloads!

We’re taking care of you so you have more time to take care and live your life. Now, we’re inviting you to take a moment, sit back, relax and enjoy yourself with THIS WEEK (September 13, 2011) videos:

The Door to Hell by Gabi

If Hell is a pit of never-ending fire, well Gabi has found it! Like the famous burning bush, it keeps on burning. She also shows us this interesting bird. Can you imagine one reproducing the sound of an explosion or a car alarm? Check this out!

The Gamescom Experience by Athene

Gaming conventions are so much fun. Follow Athene as he brings us around Ganscom, show us some cool new games and how gamers can party. If you missed it, it’s a great way to feel like you’ve been there!

World’s Most Expensive Xbox!! by Toby Turner

Thought your Xbox was expensive? Check this $10,000 model! Toby tell us why it’s worth that much. To quote Aladdin: “Like so many things, it’s not what is outside but what what is inside that counts!” So check that magic lamp called Xbox!

Secret to Time Travel by CTFxC

Time travel using kitchen appliances?  Seriously, this guy has goofy imagination! And kids, you’re allowed to laugh but not try this at home!

Need For Speed The Run Porsche by EA Vision

Who hasn’t dreamt of owning a Porsche? Well, this model doesn’t exist on the real market, but it sure makes us wish it was.  Smooth curves, glamourous design, awesome acceleration that makes anyone want to SPEED away with it!

Have a good one everyone.

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