SPEEDbit Back to School Sale

To celebrate the start of a new school year, SPEEDbit is pleased to announce the details of our Back to School Sale. Savings of up to 70% can be found on SPEEDbit products.

SPEEDbit Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) can be purchased for just $14.95, a saving of over 50%, whilst the DAP Home suite can be acquired for just $29.95 instead of the regular price of $119.85.

One of the best features of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the video to MP3 convertor, which allows you to convert video files into an audio format of your choice. A great feature in its own right this works its magic and enables you to download video from sites like YouTube, Facebook and others (give more examples or a number) and then convert the video file to the MP3 or another audio format. In the beta version of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) there is a feature allowing you to convert a file to MP3 and add the file to the iTunes gallery in one click.

An unexpected benefit of this feature that you might not have thought about can also help you or your kids succeed with studies. Many schools and universities post free videos of their classes online. With Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)  and Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)  Home, it’s possible to download the educational videos you want, convert the video to MP3 and then listen to classes on the go, strengthening your knowledge and preparation for school. Even if you’re not formally studying, you can use this feature to learn new things whilst on the move and fit free classes around your existing schedule.

Of course there’s also the more conventional uses of the video to MP3 feature allowing you to store music and other content in the format of your choice.

The sale starts 27th August 2012 and runs until 01st September, so hurry to make sure you don’t miss out on the bargains!

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Congratulations to the SPEEDbit Olympic Winners!

Last week saw the spectacular conclusion of the London 2012 Olympics with lung-busting performances from the likes of Usain Bolt, who became the first Olympian to retain the sprint double, winning gold in both the 100m and 200m. The lightening-quick Bolt has no plans to keep his feet on the ground, announcing his intention to participate in the long jump as well as his favoured sprinting events.

Hot on his heels in terms of speed came David Rudisha who claimed a new world record in the 800m, finishing in a time of 1:40:91, just shy of the 100-second mark, a truly incredible show of power and acceleration.

The host nation’s Mo Farrah emulated the legendary Emil Zatopek by winning gold-medals in both the 5,000m and 10,000m; an awesome display of speed and stamina.

Joining in with the speed festival were the 199 winners of SPEEDbit’s Olympic contest, who each won at least one month free subscription to SPEEDbit’s Premium Video Acceleration service. The lucky winners can look forward to smoother streaming with fewer interruptions.

Congratulations to all the winners!

SPEEDbit Premium Video Acceleration Winners – Full Results:

2 won 7 months free subscription

1 won 6 months free subscription

2 won 5 months free subscription

3 won 3 months free subscription

20 won 2 months free subscription

171 won 1 month free subscription

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SPEEDbit’s Olympic Games Contest Has Started

SPEEDbits’ Olympic Games contest is up and running! The next daily question in our Olympic quiz was posted to the site earlier today.

If you’re good on Olympic history then you should know: How many world records did Michael Phelps break at the 2008 Beijing Olympics? 

Enter the contest for your chance to win – click here.

Winning prizes couldn’t be easier; all you have to do is correctly answer the daily question and you’ll win a one  month free subscription to SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Premium.

Answer each daily question and you could win up to eight months of free subscription to the service to enjoy an accelerated video streaming experience.

If you think you know all about the Olympic Games then test your knowledge in SPEEDbit’s Olympic quiz.

Good Luck!

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Going for Gold – Win SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Premium in SPEEDbit’s Olympic Contest!

The Olympic Games are a festival of speed. Every four years the world’s greatest athletes assemble to compete against one another. With the eyes of the world focused on them, each athlete aims to break the limits of the possible and do something faster than it has ever been done before.

At SPEEDbit, we share the Olympic spirit; the drive to improve, to push the boundaries and do things faster, more efficiently and better than ever before.

How is SPEEDbit going to celebrate the spirit of the Olympic Games? Starting from Sunday August 5th we will run a contest, a series of daily questions about the Olympics and SPEEDbit, on which you’ll have a chance to win free subscriptions to our SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Premium product!

SPEEDbit’s patented technology integrates easily with your browser eliminating buffering whilst streaming playback letting you enjoy faster, smoother playback from sites such as YouTube. Our technology works with over 165 popular video streaming sites eradicating frustrating pauses and interruptions.

The links to the daily questions will be published on our social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Answer the question correctly and you win our gold medal equivalent; a one month subscription to SPEEDbit Video Accelerator Premium product. For each question you answer correctly, you win a full one month’s subscription (the maximum prize is eight months’ free subscription).

Instructions on how to enter and the terms and conditions of the contest can be found on our on our website.
Good luck!

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Downloading movies illegally in Australia is losing popularity

Times move on, and according to a survey led by the IPAF – the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation – 10 out of 100 Australians have stopped illegally downloading movies and other content from the Internet. That leaves 27 out of 100 still performing online downloads that infringe on the rights of the copyright holders. The 10% who no longer do, say that once they did engage in illegal online downloads, but have since ceased their activities. Out of these, 67% did so because they feared that their computers would be infected with viruses; 65% found that the range of legal online downloads meant they no longer had to seek the illegal ones; 61% stopped because of ethical reasons.

Rather than downloading movies, it seems that the ones still downloading illegal content prefer television online downloads through popular sites that offer online streaming. Yet, despite this activity, there are several legal options available, also growing in popularity. Such options that offer legal online downloads include Netflix, Hulu and iView.

Interesting to note is that after downloading movies in illegal form, more Australians than in the previous year were then willing to pay for the same content – by other renting or buying the official DVD. As well, after downloading movies or watching the online streaming version of a TV show, more were willing to pay for streaming the show.

More than half of those surveyed claim that $2.99 is a price they would meet to download a TV show legally, rather than illegally. Of those who are downloading movies or watching online streaming at least once a week, however, only 22% were willing to pay. When the price was upped to $5.99 for downloading movies, the number willing to pay dropped to 48%, and the number of weekly downloaders willing to pay dropped to 19%.


The belief of IPAF is that after their ISPs intervene, people will change their behavior in regards to downloading movies and watching online streaming. So it might come to pass that ISPs will take a more proactive approach in warning their customers that such activities are both unethical and illegal. Apparently in the United States, such illegal online streaming is becoming less frequent, perhaps due to the wide variety of legal content that can be found. If such content is made more available in Australia, we might see a similar drop in the infringements of copyrighted material.

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Video Streaming on your Smart TV – The Wave of the Future?

If you haven’t already heard, for video streaming there are a wide range of new TVs on the market. Called Smart TVs, you connect them up to the Internet and your personal computer, and can stream YouTube videos, movies and other video files to your heart’s content.

If you are looking for the best system around, there really isn’t one – the question is rather, what is the best system for your particular video streaming needs? You’ll find that each one offers its own particular features, interface capability and more. The higher end systems will provide better functionality and cost more, the cheaper systems might not give you everything you want – you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of budget versus quality in choosing your ideal smart TV system for watching YouTube videos and more.

Some of them come with apps already built in, and many will allow you to purchase additional apps to enhance your screening time. You’ll find they enable you to watch YouTube videos or the BBC’s iplayer; some may have apps for social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. For users who like to use movie rental services, there are apps for services like Netflix and FetchTV.

Which brand to go with? Well, the safest bet is probably going with a well known, tried and true manufacturer like Samsung, Sony or Panasonic. And when purchasing, be sure to check out whether or not you receive a web browser as part of the bundle – this will allow you to visit the websites of your choice, rather than being limited to the content the manufacturer has decided you should have access to. But be warned – browsing the Internet from a Smart TV as well as watching YouTube videos are not the same experiences as when using your PC. Both speed and quality in Smart TVs have a way to go before they reach what we’ve become accustomed to. In addition, you may be disappointed when you go to stream an embedded video and find that you don’t have the proper support. And after all, what did you purchase a Smart TV for, if not to be able to download video files and engage in video streaming at will?

One solution for this is to use your Smart phone. By finding the site you want there, you can send the video files to the TV with a hand gesture, allowing you to watch them in larger than life, living color. Does this kind of video streaming sound like science fiction? No more. Voice and motion control to manage one’s entertainment center are here and seem bound to be the way of the future.

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An upload and Download Speed Test is a must for today’s computer user

When we sign up for an Internet service provider, we purchase a package with a specific download and upload speed. Many users would be shocked – and horrified – to discover that what they are getting is in fact not what they paid for.

You might notice from time to time that it seems your downloads are taking an awfully long time. There could be several reasons for this, one of them being that your ISP is actually not providing you with the agreed-upon speed. Verifying if this is the case is actually quite simple – you just need to do an upload and download speed test. These will measure the rates at which your computer is downloading and uploading files. Besides letting you know if you need to knock on the door of your ISP and call them to order, it will also let you know if changes you have made to the way your network is set up have made any noticeable difference in download and upload speed.

There is no shortage of options on the Internet to do such a test. They are free and can be found at many sources. One is located at broadband.gov. A gift to the public by the US Federal Communications Commission, this is more than just a download speed test: it measures several aspects of your connection to the Internet, including upload speed and latency. It gives you results at the end of the test and keeps records in its own filing system so as to get a greater picture of the quality of broadband services across the nation.

Another option is Dan Elwell’s Broadband Speed Test. This one works differently from other Internet-based programs that offer a download speed test, in that it works with Windows directly, rather than over the web. It’s probably the one to go with if you are still working from an older model computer.

Possibly one of the most well-known places to do your download speed test is at Speedtest.net. This program checks upload speed and download speed, though it offers less data on your network latency. As well, since they use multiple channels, the speed reading that you receive may not be the actual speed you are getting from your ISP – unless you use SPEEDbit.

One of the longest existing download speed test programs on the web today is CNET Bandwidth Meter. Simple to work with, it downloads a file to your computer and calculates the bandwidth based on that. And one of the more modern and diverse download speed test services you can find today is Dslreports.com. The company vows that their product is one of the most highly accurate available, and they even offer tests for mobile phone users, as well as giving the standard tests for download and upload speed. Users with slow CPUs however might want to run a parallel test that is not based on an interface built with Flash, since this may skew the results.


Whichever you choose, it’s a wise move to check your download and upload speed through a simple download speed test. You’ll know what you need to do to increase speed and performance, and ensure that you are in fact getting your money’s worth from your ISP.

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How to Download Videos from Facebook

Does this scenario sound familiar? A friend has sent you a link to a fantastic video posted on Facebook. But then, when you go to download it to your computer – you find you’re unable to! If this has indeed happened to you, do not despair, y
ou are not alone. Not knowing how to download Facebook videos is a very common problem Facebook users encounter, and yet it’s one that is very simple to solve. Just follow the directions below, and we’ll have you on your way in no time to creating video downloads from Facebook videos.

The first thing in doing a video download is to ascertain if in fact Facebook is hosting your desired Facebook video. If it is actually located on the server of another site – such as YouTube or something similar – then you will need to download the Facebook video from there, and not from Facebook.

If indeed the video is on Facebook, then you can proceed to the next step. Right click on the Facebook video and click on “copy shortcut.” At this point you have a few options. One is to find a website that will enable you to past the shortcut onto their page and create the video download via their site. You may then have to click on “Download” which will allow the site to locate your video. They will then ask you to right click and save your video, opening a new window. You will then click on “Save target as.”

This should open up a browsing window. You may now choose the location where you want to save your Facebook video, as well as rename it anything you like. Your video download will now be saved in mp4 format.

Sound complicated? Well, it is. Another option, much simpler, is to download a free tool that will enable you to download your Facebook videos in one step. One such free tool, offered by SPEEDbit, provides you with software that enables you to download the Facebook video with one simple click – no hassle, no mistakes. You simply watch your video on Facebook, click on the ‘Download’ button and enjoy your video download.

Now that you know how to download Facebook videos, you can save all your favorites, whenever and wherever you desire!


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